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Remember the Rules of Etiquette When Using Your Dab Oil Rig

Remember the Rules of Etiquette When Using Your Dab Oil Rig
Remember the Rules of Etiquette When Using Your Dab Oil Rig Dabbing, like everything else, has its own set of rules and engagement. There is etiquette that can change the whole experience of sharing a dab. Setting up a concentrate, lighting the nail and inhaling may seem like a straightforward process but it’s actually easy to make a wrong move and end up offending someone. In order to avoid this there are some simple things to be aware of that can make the act of using a dab oil rig more enjoyable for everyone. Some are just common sense yet still easy to bypass in the heat of socialization. It’s good to factor etiquette into your dabbing experience.

Staying Safe and Tidy with Dab Mats and Trays

dab mat provides simple way to keep things safe and tidy To start with, it’s a good idea if you have a tray or dab mat on which to place your dabbing tools and rig in-between hits. The last thing you want is to accidentally stain furniture or break a dab oil rig. Silicone dab mats have nonstick surfaces which make it easier; especially when handling the dab tools that you'll use for your concentrates. Most dab trays are adept at handling heat as well, which makes the process a lot safer.

Achieving the Right Dose

Before you even take a hit, it’s important to know exactly what kind of concentrate you are dabbing and its specific strength and effects in order to get the right dosage. If you are using your stash, choose an amount for your guest to dab and if you are using someone else's concentrate allow them to serve the amount. This way, you run less risk of getting the dosage wrong for that particular type and strain of concentrate. You also want to be sure the concentrate is ready for dabbing. While solvent based concentrates can be dabbed just how they are, solvent-less hash needs to be pressed out before being dabbed.

Common Sense Rules of Etiquette

make sure to warn guests about a red hot nail when passing your dab oil rig Be sure that once you've taken your hit you clean the nail and dabber tool. You will also need to be sure that the entire hit has been taken, leaving no vapor remaining in the dab oil rig. Once you've cleaned up after yourself, it's polite to heat the nail for the person. It may seem obvious but don't touch the hot nail and be aware of not letting others touch it as well. Another thing you want to be sure not to touch is another person's stash with your hands. This gets it dirty and covered in fingerprints. It's basic common sense for the most part. Let new comers know how things work, detailing the kind of experience they can expect and how it will work, being sure not to allow them to overdo it (which can make things unpleasant real fast). Don't overdo it yourself. There is no need to overdab to the point of discomfort. Just consume all of what you know you can manage. With practice, you will find a flow and begin to recognize what constitutes great dabbing etiquette. Then you can enjoy dabbing with your friends, making it a blast that everyone can share.

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