Removing Marijuana Smell with a Carbon Filter

Removing Marijuana Smell with a Carbon Filter
Removing Marijuana Smell with a Carbon Filter

One of the most attractive elements of marijuana is the smell. Such careful attention is paid, on a strain by strain basis to get the smell of the plant just right. Unfortunately this smell presents a problem when it’s uncontrollably emanating from your indoor cultivation site. Indoor cultivation operations are usually very convenient. They are private and easy to control with lights and vents. The only problem is that just the slightest whiff of marijuana on the air can alert neighbors and invite a complaint that could shut you down. While it might be easy to cover the smell of 2 or even 3 plants, larger grows are another story altogether. One of the most effective ways to truly get on top of the issue is with a carbon filter.

How a Carbon Filter Scrubs the Air
A carbon filter has the ability to literally scrub the smell from the air. In fact, they’re often referred to as carbon scrubbers. They are shaped like large tubes and are usually pretty heavy. As the name suggests, the filter is filled with activated carbon which is an element that is capable of removing the smell from air. Therefore, when a smell passes through the carbon, it is completely neutralized. In fact, the filter is capable of not only removing smells, but may also remove other impurities from the air.

Proper Positioning of Your Carbon Filter
The main thing to be aware of when setting up a carbon filter is that the smell must run through it in order to eliminate the odor. This means that carbon filters should be set up in a position that allows a fan to push or pull the smell through the filter. In this way, it’s important to set up the filter at the site of any vents, exhaust or windows that may push out air from the room. The fan or exhaust needs to be strong enough to suck all the air from the room and the vent needs to go directly outside.

Managing Your Exhaust System
Take extra care to make sure there are no leaks in your exhaust system. Also be sure that the carbon filter is the right size to cover the entire circumference of the vent so that no smelly air passes through. This is a very critical aspect of your set up. Proper measurements must be taken and the filter must be attached to the vent in a stable secure manner. Once your filter has been attached to your exhaust system, hot air will be pulled away from your plants and the smell in the air will be filtered and then pushed outside. You will now have a highly ventilated area for your plants that is dry and cool. No smelly air will escape and you will be able to keep your grow without offending any neighbors.

Carbon filters are extremely effective for eliminating the odor of marijuana. They last an incredibly long time as well which means greater ease for you. Once they’re set up, they are really easy to maintain. Their effectiveness and manageability are the reason these are so popular for indoor grow areas.

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