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Rolling Machine Advantage Means No More Excuses for Sloppy Joints

Rolling Machine Advantage Means No More Excuses for Sloppy Joints
Rolling Machine Advantage Means No More Excuses for Sloppy Joints Some of us are naturals when it comes to rolling cigarettes or joints. It’s just in the blood, it seems. Then, there’s always that one avid smoker who has no hope of rolling anything even remotely cigarette shaped. But for those so stricken by this curse, fear not: hope comes in the form of a simple but brilliant feat of mechanics called the rolling machine. There are several types of rolling machines on the market but for the purposes of this article, we’ll be referring to the basic type best exhibited by the ever reliable Raw rolling machine.

UPDATE: How the Marijuana Rolling Machine is Exceeding the Growing Demand for Pre Rolls

While we focused on personal use of a marijuana rolling machine below, it’s important to note the growing role of the industrial rolling machine in modern cannabusiness. With new states opening up their recreational cannabis markets since we first published this blog, the popularity of the pre roll has grown. With novices and veterans alike wanting to sample strains without a monetary commitment, the pre roll is a simple, cost effective solution. Commercial use marijuana rolling machines are employed to meet the rising demand. Some of these rolling machines are so efficient that they provide an excess of supply, resulting in a need for alternative business strategies. Mitchell Wagner of Wagner Dimas, Inc. spoke with the International Cannabis Business Conference in early 2018 about the growing demand for the pre roll as well as the growing supply thanks to the efficiency of state-of-the-art rolling machine models, explaining, “The tech offers more pre rolls than most brands can distribute, so it makes sense for local partners to manufacture for other brands with their own flower and distribution channels.”

Collect Your Supplies

raw rolling machine offers a simple affordable method of rolling perfect joints To begin, you’ll want to collect together all of the supplies you’ll need to use your cigarette rolling machine. This will vary depending on what you’re actually going to be putting in your cigarette but of course you’ll need to have either your herb or tobacco ready. This means that if you’re using herb, it should have already gone through the herb grinder. Another optional ingredient is your filter tips. Obviously, if you don’t like using filters, they’re not necessary. What you’ll definitely need are your rolling papers.

Make Sure Your Paper Size Accommodates Your Rolling Machine

You generally have a lot of leeway when it comes to what kind of rolling papers you use with your rolling machine but not when it comes to size. These basic rolling machines typically only accommodate one size of rolling paper so you’ll need to have that detail sorted out before you begin. Even the Raw rolling machine comes in 3 distinct sizes so your rolling paper size will be determined by whether you’re using the 70mm, 79mm or 110mm rolling machine. With that detail aside, feel free to use rice, hemp or even flavored rolling papers.

Loading Up Your Rolling Machine

Once you’ve got your supplies figured out, go ahead and load the rolling machine with the herb or tobacco, making sure to evenly distribute it. You don’t want to overload the machine either or you could still wind up with a joint that just falls apart. Likewise, packing the material too tightly can also hinder the smoothness of the rolling process. If you’re using filter tips, make sure to compensate space for one. When your ground herb or tobacco is all loaded up, go ahead and close the rolling machine.

Rolling Your Cigarette or Joint

blunt rolling machine are similar in design to joint roller but larger When the machine is closed, roll the rollers toward you to even out the material. Then, load your rolling paper with the sticky side up, facing your direction. Then, you’ll gently begin to roll the rollers until only the gum strip is exposed. At this point, you’ll want to look the sticky strip and then finish twisting the rollers until the paper is completely fed into the joint rolling machine. At this point, you should be able to open the rollers to reveal a tight joint or well-rolled cigarette. You can either light it up right away or pop it in a doob tube and start up another roll.

Preference for a Blunt Rolling Machine

While the Raw rolling machine and similar models are perfectly adept at rolling cigarettes and joints, you can also invest in a blunt rolling machine if that’s more your style. A blunt rolling machine is similar in style to most models of joint rolling machines but it’s built a bit sturdier and is obviously large enough to compensate for a blunt wrap’s size and thickness. Blunt rollers are less common as well but this is pretty much in proportion to the popularity of joints versus blunts. Joint rolling machines are fairly affordable so there’s really no excuse to be smoking sloppy joints or cigarettes. As long as you do your homework to make sure you have the right size rolling papers and be careful to keep things smooth and even, the perfection of the resulting joints is almost like clockwork!

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