Rolling Trays Are a Godsend as Long as They Have These Features For many smokers, joints or blunts are one of the most pleasant ways to consume cannabis. They are easy to roll, don't require a bunch of expensive and potentially breakable equipment and they're a convenient way to smoke on the go. Joints can be enjoyable to share in groups which makes them great for parties and gatherings. They can be rolled to suit your needs which could be smaller or thicker or longer or shorter, depending on your preference. This also means it’s easier to control the smoothness of the hit and how much weed you're consuming every time.

Creating the Right Rolling Environment

quality rolling trays offer flat comfortable surfaces For these reasons and more, joints or blunts can be a nice smoking method. However, like everything, there are some aspects to manage as well. For example, you need a flat surface to roll on to make rolling easier and catch any sprinkles of cannabis that fall out during the rolling process. The accessories used to roll can also be small and easy to lose. Items such as papers, scissors and filters can easily become lost ad scattered around a person's home. For this reason and more, rolling trays are a great accessory for anyone who likes rolling joints.

What to Look for in Rolling Trays

Rolling trays come in many sizes with various features. They basically provide a flat surface for rolling and an area to hold cannabis and joint rolling accessories. For those who like to use larger work stations, there are bigger trays. These might not be quite as light and suitable for travel but they will provide you with everything you need. On the other hand, for others who want something that can be tucked away into a smaller space or used for frequent travel, a smaller tray might better suit your needs. Rolling trays come in enough styles to be able to suit everyone's needs.

The Importance of a Flat Surface

The most important aspects that each should have is a flat rolling surface. This will make rolling joints much easier. Rolling trays provide an area where the weed that spills can be caught. This will not only save you from losing a bunch of cannabis during the rolling process but it will also save you its equivalent in the cash you would have spent on the weed.

Rolling Tray Accessories

many rolling trays feature built in compartments with helpful accessories Rolling trays also come with a variety of accessories that can keep your weed in an organized state. Some come with pockets for the weed and others have areas to store any joints you might have made earlier along with any rolling accessories you might need, like papers and filters. Some companies even offer custom rolling trays that will allow for an image of your choice to be placed on the flat rolling surface. At the end of the day, you can roll your joint on a book or table if you're simply looking for a flat surface but there's nothing nicer than having an organized and dedicated space to roll your joints and keep all of your accessories together and in order. For those of us who love joints and like to roll in style, the rolling tray is the perfect accessory.

UPDATE: Respect to the Raw Rolling Tray

We wanted to give a special mention to the Raw rolling tray for consistently living up to our expectations across every model that they roll out. A Raw tray is the closest thing you’ll find to a mass produced custom rolling tray since you can immediately tell they took the time to craft their product to a connoisseur’s tastes. Even the standard Raw rolling tray features rounded edges and sturdy material so you know you’re working with quality. Our personal favorite Raw rolling tray is the magnetic bamboo tray. All of the compartments are sized accurately for fitting tools, cones, your grinder and pretty much anything you need in the rolling process. We’ve seen a lot of rolling trays from other companies that feature similar compartments though the sizing isn’t quite right. It’s that sort of attention to detail that always keeps Raw trays at the top of “best of” lists.
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Ava Smith

Ava Smith

I’m new here and these articles are full of great information. I smoked from 12 to 35, when I stopped smoking cigarettes and marijuana both cold turkey. I have just start to smoke again. I am on so many pills and am looking for pain relief by finding the right strain for me. I am looking forward to trying different things, a vape, topical’s and edibles. I ended up with bronchitis this week, I haven’t had bronchitis since I quit smoking 16yrs ago. So I will be trying a vape, as well as a vaporizer.

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