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Seed Selection by Latitude and Local Buying Networks: A Huge Win for Hemp Farmers and Local Economies

Seed Selection by Latitude and Local Buying Networks: A Huge Win for Hemp Farmers and Local Economies

As the hemp and cannabis industry continues to evolve and grow new brands, methods of farming, and health conscious consumers are dedicating their time to producing the best products on the market. Hemp continues to shine bright in the agricultural and local communities for its obvious health benefits, versatility, and numerous forms of application. From hemp oil, hemp milk, hemp gummies, and even hemp protein powder, the demand for this sustainable crop and hemp products continues to grow year after year. 

But with high demand in the hemp industry comes questions and the answers aren’t always so simple in such a dynamic market. In this article, we will explore the reason why seed selection and the development of local buying networks is not only better for your body, but an amazing way to support our farmers and local economies! 

A Little Bit About Hemp Farming: Why It Matters 

Hemp isn’t just versatile in its application methods, but in the way it is grown! This hardy crop has the ability to grow in numerous soil types and climates. Of course, all farmers and consumers should educate themselves on the importance of seed selection and even the regenerative practices that can enrich and restore the earth to create the best quality hemp. 

It is so important to commit to hemp products that are dedicated to organic, sustainable farming methods that enhance biodiversity and revitalize our ecosystems. Since hemp requires minimal water and chemical application it is an environmentally friendly choice for farmers and the earth. It is also important to note that getting to know your local farmers, their methods, along with having an intimate relationship with where you purchase your hemp seeds is paramount. This way you can ensure your hemp seeds are rich in all of the proteins and essential nutrients this plant has to offer. 

A Lesson in Seed Selection by Latitude: Why It Counts

While on the topic of sustainable farming and the importance of knowing the source you receive your beloved hemp products from let’s dive into why seed selection by latitude makes all the difference. 

Choosing the proper hemp seeds for your local climate and latitude will make all the difference in the quality of your harvest and its overall performance. Basically, different hemp varieties thrive in certain latitudes. This is due to variations in hours of daylight, temperature, and other environmental aspects that may affect your hemp flower. A good example of this is that one hemp varietal may be best suited for higher latitudes and shorter growing seasons and these hemp varieties will have different flowering times compared to the hemp strains grown in warmer climates. 

Another instance worth taking into consideration is hemp plants grown in northern latitudes usually require shorter flowering times which is helpful in avoiding the risk of frost damage as the end of the season approaches. While hemp varieties grown in southern latitudes normally have longer flowering times for optimal development. Educating the consumer on hemp varieties that thrive in local environments helps maintain transparency between local farmers and the quality of their products. 

Furthermore, by selecting the right seed variety based on latitude, farmers can maximize their crop yield and quality, leading to increased revenue and profitability. Its a win-win situation where knowledge is the key component to high-quality hemp. 

Ultimately, both latitude and even altitude can significantly affect the growth and phytochemical composition of hemp plants and their terpenes! 

Local Buying Networks: Why It Makes A Difference

It has become so apparent as the industry progresses that the establishment of local buying networks is crucial in supporting farmers, reducing shipping costs, and boosting local economies. Why? Well when you buy local you are reducing the negative environmental impact that long-distance transportation can have with shorter supply chains. Not to mention, you are helping create a more eco-friendly and sustainable environment while minimizing carbon emissions and promoting responsible resource management. 

It is no secret that consumer demand for environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced products is increasing exponentially. A huge surge in CBD wellness products with an increased focus on transparency and quality. As the market continues to grow and saturate consumers begin to struggle with finding trustworthy sources to purchase CBD and hemp products.

That being said, a lovely aspect that should be noted in the development of local buying networks is that it creates a sense of community and trust between producers and consumers, fostering a sustainable and transparent supply chain. When we purchase our beloved hemp products directly from local farmers, we can ensure that the local products are grown using ethical and suitable methods. This way you know the products you are getting are made with love and not the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals. Local buying networks can also provide opportunities for farmers to share best practices and innovations to inform the community!

Along with these benefits to the overall well-being of communities, developing local buying networks can provide reduced shipping costs and time. This allows our farmers even more time to focus on growing and harvesting the best hemp products for our bodies. When you focus on buying locally, you can also provide a stable market for hemp products. This gives farmers the opportunity to receive fair prices for their harvested crops and keeps them in business to continue providing ethically sources hemp products long term. 

A more obvious reason that local buying networks support local economies is by generating revenue and creating jobs in the community! Just think about it… buying and producing hemp locally can create a plethora of new businesses and job opportunities from hemp oil extraction to hemp wraps and textiles. When we buy locally, we open the door to promoting sustainability, supporting the success and growth of local business, and ensuring the best product quality possible. It’s an amazing thing! 

Building Community Ties & Ensuring Product Quality: Where the Love Lies

It is extremely evident how local businesses create a sense of community between customers, retailers, and producers. The community-building process only strengthens the vibrant energy and support of the local economy and its local ties. The bind and trust built through a small sustainable supply chain prioritizes trust between producers and consumers, so we can urn enjoy high-quality, effective, and safe hemp products. 

As a means of legacy for local businesses personalized customer service, guidance, and attention is the basis of any good business model. Not to mention, Local retailers and producers are almost always more transparent about their products’ origins, processes, and quality.  Also, when it comes to product testing to ensure the best quality hemp there is a much higher chance you will receive this luxury though a local source than an online platform or retailer.

The Bottom Line…

There is no short list of reasons why prioritizing seed selection based on latitude and the development of local buying networks actively and positively produces the success of hemp farmers and local economies. 

As a community you will be able to access the knowledge, love, and opportunities hemp products and plants have to offer. Buy local, support your farmers, enrich the earth, and nourish your body with the best quality hemp possible, because it makes all the difference in the world!

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