Sherlock Pipe Case 101-Do You Have What it Takes to Rock a Sherlock You’ve seen them in the smoke shops and you’ve seen them on the silver screen but can you see yourself in the mirror with a Sherlock pipe? No doubt it’s a bold statement which has resulted in the pipe’s popularity among eccentric stoners the world over. There are a myriad of benefits and a few compromises that come along with using a Sherlock pipe as your go-to piece. Today, we’ll try to determine if you can pull it off. You can consider it our very own “3 pipe problem.”

It’s a Look That Requires Confidence

sherlock pipe known for stylish look and ergonomic design Let’s start at the most obvious point and the main reason you’d contemplate buying a Sherlock pipe in the first place: its unique shape. There’s a definite sophistication offset by a respectable quirkiness that makes a Sherlock a strong choice for eccentrics. I mean, the fictional characters choosing this style of pipe are pretty high caliber. Besides Sherlock Holmes, you also have Gandalf from Lord of the Rings puffing on this model (and, yes, Sherlocks are sometimes referred to as Gandalf pipes). If you’re looking to smoke inconspicuously, this probably isn’t the piece for you. But if you’re looking to turn heads and start conversations or just extend your wild card personality onto your smoking piece, you’ll find few options better than a Sherlock.

Potency and Performance

If you’re looking for a massive hit, the Sherlock pipe may not be your first choice but it can easily outperform your average spoon pipe. Obviously, the massiveness of the hits is going to hinge on factors like the size of the bowl, the chamber and so on. But no matter what Sherlock you get, you can often rest assured that the size of the bowl will be pretty generous. In most Sherlocks, the carb is larger than what you’ll get with a glass spoon pipe too. This all translates to longer smoking times and heavier hits.

Ergonomic Comfort

You’ll probably find that a Sherlock pipe is one of the most comfortable hand pipes to use. This all comes down to its ergonomic design that features a lengthy curve conducive to the palm of your hand. The Sherlock design also lends to a more reliable grip so even when you’re puffing on those heavier hits, you’re less likely to lose your hold and end up crying over spilled herb.

Burning Clues

If you’re using a glass Sherlock as opposed to a wooden one, you have the added benefit of seeing how your herb burns. This is more than a novelty. It can help you to recognize when it’s time to repack your bowl, whether your bowl is packed too tightly or if any ash, debris or resin is blocking the path of the smoke. Why compromise your hits if you don’t have to?

The Challenge of the Sherlock Pipe

glass sherlocks can be tough to clean based on their distinct curvature One of the biggest challenges of using a Sherlock pipe is a result of one of its strongest features; its unique shape. While a Sherlock looks undeniably interesting, it can be a hard pipe to clean when compared to water pipes or simple spoon models. The slender curvature can easily trap resin and debris and, depending on the length and curve of your Sherlock, a straightened out paper clip probably won’t do the trick. A screen can be of particular use you in helping maintain a Sherlock. You can also boil your Sherlock or use 90% isopropyl alcohol to clean it but the resin will be sacrificed. So after all the logic and reason, we can deduce that the Sherlock pipe is a bold statement reinforced with a slew of attractive features and one setback that you can get around with a bit of ingenuity and/or sacrifice. Are you the type of smoker to be able to pull off a Sherlock? We’ll leave you to be the detective to close this particular case.
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