Smell Proof Container Options Guard Against a Lot More Than Odor

Smell Proof Container Options Guard Against a Lot More Than Odor | Marijuana Packaging

Having a pocket full of loud is bittersweet. On the one hand, there’s no beating that ultra-dank aroma that pretty much promises good times. On the other hand, you don’t exactly need to be part of a K-9 Unit to know who’s carrying the Blueberry Kush. You’ve got even more problems if this isn’t just a transport situation but your actual chosen weed container. That’s because if you can smell it, chances are better than good that you’re leaking freshness and potency alongside aromas. So, when you’re looking for airtight smell proof containers, you need to look for something that will keep your stash fresh much longer than the sandwich baggies of the past (the biggest culprits of letting aroma and freshness escape).

Herb’s 4 Main Enemies

If you care about discretion, you’re going to want a container with some semblance of smell proof qualities. You have numerous natural forces working against the longevity of your bud and you can consider leaking scents a sign of gradual loss in that battle. In no particular order, you’re looking for a container that can protect your herb from moisture, heat, light, and, of course, oxygen. The best smell proof container will adequately guard against as many of these threats as possible.

Now, “smell proof” is sort of a tricky term here. The majority of smell proof cannabis containers out there, no matter how high quality, won’t be able to conceal the scent from the highly trained noses of trained dogs. So when we’re referring to a “smell proof container,” we mean one that will largely block the odor from your roommate who hates the smell or people on the bus when you need to travel. On that note, let’s talk a little more about discreetly (not illegally) traveling with weed.

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Are You Going to Travel with Your Smell Proof Container?

If you’re planning on travelling with your stash, portability is an essential factor. For instance, are mason jars smell proof? Yes. But can they also easily break inside your bag or pocket? 100% yes. Even if you go for the smaller, more discrete mason jars, one unexpected jolt could result in a pocket full of broken glass, herb, and a whole lot of wafting odor. For the travel-oriented, there are actual smell-proof wallets that give you space for a minimal stash and even compartments for a small pipe and/or accessories. Smell proof mylar bags also work really well for transit because of their flexibility and are widely regarded as one of the best smell proof weed container options/designs. That’s why innumerable companies seek out mylar bags for their MMJ packaging - they’re one of the best answers to the common question of how to make a container smell proof. Just pop it in a sealable mylar bag!

Where to Store Your Container of Choice

Airtight glass jars are great for home use but, unless the glass is somehow tinted, they don’t do much to protect your bud from light degradation. However, storing your glass jar in a dark cupboard can help. If you have a moisture resistant smell proof container, you may want to try storing it in your fridge to further protect from oxygen, light, and heat. It’s debatable whether this could compromise the flavor or integrity of the herb but should work well enough for a short period of time. However, freezing your nugs is definitely off limits. Popping your container in a freezer can result in some very noticeable quality degradation in your herb.

Making the Most of Air Tight Jars

Another often overlooked quality of mason jars is size. Your choice of airtight smell proof jars needs to be proportionate to the size of your stash. That’s because a voluminous glass jar has that much more room to trap in oxygen with your herb. You want as little oxygen in your smell proof container as possible so always try to match your mason jar to the size of your stash. You may even want to have multiple mason jar sizes on hand for your varying cannabis purchases.

How Long is Your Container Smell Proof?

Some people have reported decent protective results from Tupperware so, if you’re in a bind and have similar containers in your kitchen cupboards, they could come in handy. What’s important to test with Tupperware or any of your smell proof container selections is that they can stand the test of time. A jar may be largely odor free initially but, less than 24 hours later, begin radiating that all-too-familiar aroma. If that’s happening to you, do yourself and your stash a favor and upgrade as soon as possible. If you’re not feeling the glass approach or the Tupperware, simple pop top containers and Mylar bags usually do a great job of reducing if not eliminating leaking odor.

Thinking Outside of the Container…er, Box

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, the MedTainer is pretty reliable for use as a smell proof container and even features a built-in grinder. There are actually a few products on the market that approach cannabis storage with an out-of-the-box perspective but some of the best innovations are the ones that don’t come pre-packaged. For example, some people used quick thinking and ingenuity to actually burn a scented candle atop the lid of an airtight jar that is, of course, also moisture resistant. While it’s always risky to expose your stash to heat, the flame can be quickly extinguished once a good amount of the edges have been sealed with wax. When it’s time to get back at your stash, you can use a spoon or similar tool to scrape away the wax. There have also been success stories of people using a vacuum pump to seal cannabis into a smell proof container to further reinforce it from oxygen. While finding the perfect smell proof container can often leave you sifting through a vast variety of choices, it may make you feel better to remember that you’re shopping for more than odor protection. You’re actually preserving the freshness and longevity of your stash which is well worth the time and cost. This is not an area where it pays to sacrifice quality to save a few bucks. Once you find the right container, it can treat your stash well for years.

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