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Stoner Couples Enjoy Unique Relationship Benefits

Stoner Couples Enjoy Unique Relationship Benefits
Stoner Couples Enjoy Unique Relationship Benefits As it turns out, stoner couples are the recipients of more than just the physical and emotional benefits of marijuana. A recent study indicates that stoner couples have stronger and longer lasting relationships than regular couples. On top of this, they are much less likely to experience or engage in domestic violence. Researchers at Yale University evaluated the relationships of 634 couples over the course of a nine year period. They hypothesized that smoking marijuana would increase domestic abuse and generally have a similar effect as alcohol on a relationship. The evidence proved otherwise, however, as those couples who smoked marijuana regularly were the least likely to be candidates for domestic abuse.

How Cannabis Helped to Solve Relationship Problems

studies show stoner couples less likely to engage in domestic violence Marijuana’s calming and uplifting effects were able to play a key role in helping relationships to thrive. The first aspect of this was how smoking curved the intensity of fights and disagreements and stopped them from hitting critical levels. The tendency for cannabis to combat anxiety and stress calmed couples down, allowing them to access healthy means of dealing with problems. Another way that marijuana’s calming effect helped with disagreements and fights was in how it allowed couples to stop and relax enough to get perspective on whatever issue was prompting the fight. As a result, fights were able to turn into healthy conversations where solutions could be found and implemented.

Stoner Couples Share an Important Common Interest

Since marijuana is often used to lighten the mood after long, difficult days, it’s common sense that its uplifting effects allowed couples to decompress in most cases. Cannabis allows couples to associate the good times with each other as opposed to mundane activities or stress. Sharing a common interest also creates a bonding experience and opens couples up to trying new activities together. According to an Open University study conducted in 2013, couples that share an interest and do activities together have more satisfaction in their relationships and more attraction. The study calls it a “key connector in the couple relationship.”

Enhancing Both Intimacy and Sexual Experience

cannabis has been shown to enhance sexual experience in many cases A big way that marijuana can help to enhance closeness in relationships is through its ability to make sex more enjoyable. This isn’t a rule down the line but it does help many people to relax, open up and be comfortable. Cannabis is also known to greatly heighten sensitivity. The plant is able to relax and sensitize women, allowing them to have stronger orgasms more quickly and it heightens sensitivity in men, boosting their sexual experience. Marijuana enhances touch, feeling and intimacy, giving relationships in an increased sense of closeness. Marijuana doesn’t just open people up sexually, but it also opens people up emotionally. It pulls down guards and defenses, sensitizing people to each other’s feelings and states of being. While Organic CBD Nugs compounds in marijuana create calm, relaxation and perspective, the THC compounds that are responsible for the euphoria and “high” associated to the plant may be responsible for opening up a person's empathy and the openness that is often felt after smoking marijuana. For these reasons and more, stoner couples tend to have stronger, more intimate relationships that last longer in general. They are the least likely relationship to experience domestic violence and abuse. The couple who bakes together stays together!

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