Stoner Games: 7 Ways To Stay Entertained on Hazy Nights

Stoner Games: 7 Ways To Stay Entertained on Hazy Nights
Stoner Games - 7 Ways To Stay Entertained on Hazy Nights Being high is often fun in and of itself but for a social evening of laughs and strategy, stoner games can deliver the best entertainment in town. These stoner games are often based on other games that already exist but with a marijuana themed twist. They offer great opportunity to still use skill and strategy while at the same time highlighting the joys of smoking pot. If you've fantasized about growing your own pot or living in a pot-centric universe, then these games are more than likely to tickle your fancy. When winning these games is dependent on growing the most plants, dealing the most flower or buying the most land for growing, high times are pretty much guaranteed. Whether you're having a wild evening with friends or just a mellow session with a few loved ones, stoner games can deliver the goods and are guaranteed to give everyone present a good time.

1. Grass

stoner games that use cards include grass This game is not so easy to come by but well worth the effort to try and track down. Grass is a card game that allows you to be a pot dealer, making negotiations and selling your supply. Its fast paced wheeling and dealing is sure to bring excitement to a slow evening.

2. Stoner Fluxx

stoner fluxx offers a psychedelic game for weed smokers This game is a wild ride where the rules of the game and the criteria for winning can change each time you pull a card. Stoner Fluxx is disorienting and confusing even before you bring weed into the equation so this one is definitely for those who enjoy the most psychedelic aspects of a marijuana  high.

3. Weed and Weed Deluxe

weed deluxe is a colorful variation on stoner games This is a card game where you become a cannabis grower with the aim to grow as many plants as you can. The deluxe edition of Weed takes the concept even further, incorporating more strategy into the process of winning.

4. Stoner City stoner city like a cannabis themed monopoly

Stoner City is a twist on Monopoly. Instead of buying regular property, all the land is related to cannabis. You can roll the dice and see where you wind up in this pot themed land.

5. Lords of Cannabis

lords of cannabis one of the more cut throat stoner games For those who love the fantasy of growing a pot empire this is for you. This is a game where players are all charged with opening and creating the most successful weed business. You get to become a "Lord of Cannabis" as you grow and develop your empire.

6. Cannabis: The Card Game

cannabis the card game is an irreverent take on stoner humor This is a trivia game for those who like games of wit. It's also fairly action based in that it requires you to answer questions, all with a marijuana themed twist, for extra fun on a particularly hazy night.

7. THC: The Game

THC The Game involves dexterity for recreational stoners This is a wacky dexterity based game for those truly looking to have a wild time. THC: The Game incorporates dares and tongue twisters, appealing to those who enjoy the more psychedelic aspects of the experience. As you can see, there are plenty of ganja-infused takes on the games we already know and love. These stoner games can bring the smoke circle to life if you find the same old routine getting a bit stagnant.

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