Strain Journal Updates Can Help You Narrow Down Your Perfect Prescription

Strain Journal Updates Can Help You Narrow Down Your Perfect Prescription
Strain Journal Updates Can Help You Narrow Down Your Perfect Prescription The human body is a complex thing. Not one person on the planet is exactly like someone else. We are all unique within our biology and how we react to the various substances we eat, drink and consume. One product that may be designed to uplift someone may plunge another into depression. If you've consumed marijuana in any capacity, I'm sure you've noticed this to be true. A strain known for its energizing effects can plummet you into lethargy or a strain boasted for a specific medicinal effect can be less personally effective than another strain.

Different People, Different Reactions

strain journal used to measure varying effects of different cannabis strains
When your health, sanity and enjoyment is dependent on cannabis, it’s worth taking the time to understand how your body functions and what strain of weed is going to work best for you. THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and CBD, not to mention the compound that relaxes you and has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, varies in every strain. The ratios are different and can produce different reactions. Add to that all the other cannabinoids and terpenes that are present in every strain and you have a very complex concoction of ingredients to sort through every time you try a new strain. While the effects may be somewhat familiar, there's a vast range of feelings and physical reactions that are also possible.

What to Track with Your Strain Journal

This is a major reason why keeping a strain journal is such a profoundly good thing. You can note what feelings and physical reactions each strain produces in absolute clarity and detail and compare that with other things you may have ingested that day. You can note how the strain worked in the day versus the evening, before or after food, with other medications or supplements and the duration of the effects. Careful examination of the results, especially if you are trying a strain multiple times, can lead you to truly discover your personal relationship to each strain.

Why Strain Journals Are Such Vital Tools for Medical Users

strain journals can include a variety of information about your reaction to specific cannabis strains
For people suffering from various health disorders, this can be an invaluable thing. So much research is still needed to be done when it comes to marijuana strains and dosing for various disorders. For the most part it's just trial and error for patients suffering with debilitating disorders or caregivers and parents of suffering children. Dosing is a mystery, as are the potential effects of strains and it’s difficult to know which will work best for a specific disorder. Guesses can be made but these are generalized and not specific to an individual's needs and biochemistry. Keeping a strain journal gives insight into what dosage may be best for you, how often you should be taking a dose and even what time of day works best. It's helpful to also have notes on medication and supplements and how they interact with your health beside the marijuana strain.

How to Use Your Strain Journal

A proper strain journal should note how you felt prior to ingesting the marijuana, what you ingested, the method you used and the quantity. It should note what your food and water intake was like that day and whether the marijuana was ingested on an empty stomach or not and the time of day. You will also want to know how quickly it affected you, especially if it was an edible. The journal should contain information about your sleep and exercise patterns that day, along with any medications or supplements that were consumed. For women it may be worthwhile noting where you are at in your menstrual cycle. Last but not least, the strain journal should contain all information regarding how the strain affected you physically, mentally and emotionally. At this point, you should have a detailed report on the strain that will allow you to have a better understanding about your body and what strains and dosages are best for you.

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