The Best Ways to Get Your Hands on Free CCELL Cartridges

The Best Ways to Get Your Hands on Free CCELL Cartridges

How to get free Ccell cartridges

CCELL cartridges continue to wow the vape enthusiasts who demand only the smoothest draws from their wax pens. For the unfamiliar, CCELLs are precision-crafted vape carts with nano holes for improved performance. They are praised for producing silky draws with less chance of leakage, especially when dealing with high viscosity waxes. While you’re not going to be breaking the bank to buy CCELL cartridges, your post-holiday funds might be a little light and you may be wondering if there are any ways to score free CCELLs. You could always just find discarded CCELLs on the ground and run them through a dishwasher, but let’s assume the situation isn’t quite that desperate. Getting your hands on free CCELL cartridges isn’t easy… but it’s also not hopeless.

Scouring the Dispensary Deals

some dispensaries have been known to give away free ccell cartridges as part of promotionsSome dispensaries will do almost anything to get new customers in the door. You can do the math here: if a dispensary is willing to give new customers free cannabis products, why wouldn’t they be just as likely to part with some free CCELLs to get you in the door? This isn’t a situation where you just want to show up at the dispensary demanding free CCELLs for your business. Not many dispensaries are going to put up with that. But if you carefully do your research, you can find out which dispensaries in your area (if any) are already running promotions that offer free CCELLs with purchase of their product. You could also call local dispensaries and smoke shops to ask if they have plans to run any CCELL promotions in the near future.

Free CCELL Cartridges for Repeat Customers

Are you ineligible for new customer deals because you’ve already hit up every dispensary in town at least once? Don’t worry, a lot of dispensaries are coming around to the idea that it’s more beneficial to reward repeat customers than new ones. Some dispensaries may gift you with free CCELL cartridges to show their appreciation for your continued patronage. Just make sure to sign up to their mailing lists and keep aware of those deals.

Requesting Free Samples

CCELL cartridgeThis is a bit more of a long shot, but with the right tact, it can work. Manufacturers are known to sometimes offer free samples in hopes of setting up an account for bulk orders. If you don’t have a business like a dispensary or a smoke shop, requesting free samples will typically return disappointing results. But as the old saying goes, “It never hurts to ask.” In a worst-case scenario, your request for sample CCELLs will fall on deaf ears. But if you play your cards right, you might get lucky and end up with a few free CCELL cartridges to try out.

In many cases, trying to get something for free turns out to be more work than its worth. This is most likely the case with the quest to get free CCELL cartridges. Whether you’re shopping in bulk or buying retail, CCELLs are very affordable for the quality they return. But if you’re absolutely broke, take heart that there are at least a couple chances for you to get your hands on free CCELL cartridges, even if those chances are a bit slim.

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