The Complete Guide To Vaping Concentrates

The Complete Guide To Vaping Concentrates

The cannabis industry leveled up the moment that businesses introduced concentrates. Though cannabis extracts have been around for centuries, new technology and a spike in interest in the potent taffy-like substances have allowed smokers to shift away from combustion. That isn’t to say that vaping is a better alternative to smoking, but many might feel like this might be the case.

The thing about concentrates is that there are plenty of different variations on the market — shatter, rosin, hash, wax, etc. Many stoners commonly find themselves asking whether cannabis enthusiasts can consume it similarly? Each contains high THC percentages (sometimes closer to 90%) and enhances the marijuana experience compared to joints and blunts. Vaping concentrates are growing in popularity daily, and retail stores carry different forms of extracts across the country. Some people have opted to use vape pens with oil carts. Others prefer using a dab rig and scooping out their favorite concentrates themselves. Both have their fair share of differences, but ultimately, they produce similar results. It largely depends on preference. 

Today, we’re bringing you a brief breakdown of everything you need to know about vaping concentrates.

Dabs Vs. Carts: How To Vape Concentrates

Dabs and carts are the primary way to consume cannabis extracts, but it’s hard to determine which is better. Again, it’s a matter of personal preferences, but we can tell you that there are significant differences in the consumption methods. Dabbing is simply a vaporizing method for concentrates like shatter, wax, and crumble that requires a dab rig. Vape carts are usually pens with cartridges filled with THC-dominant e-liquids. 

The heating mechanism is the primary difference between vaporizing through dabs compared to carts. Through conductive heating, dabbing uses a titanium nail that’s then heated before concentrate is introduced and evaporated. Pens use a heating coil that releases the active cannabinoids and terpenes when it’s hot enough. Convective heating, which vape pens use, doesn’t create any combustion since hot air helps release the vapor. Nowadays, many businesses use ceramic vape carts to ensure that concentrates aren’t coming into direct contact with the heat. THC concentrate vaporizers have a leg up on using a dab rig in that sense — there’s little effort required to gauge heat levels.

Now, you might wonder: can you put shatter in a wax pen? Well, that’s the solution for wanting a portable and efficient way to consume THC extracts. Dabs in vape pens are similar to e-cigarettes, with similar benefits in vaporizing extracts. 

Are Dabs Stronger Than Cartridges?

A frequent inquiry among novice concentrates user is, “Are dab pens more potent than using dab rigs?” Though it isn’t quite as potent as a full-size dab rig, a portable vape for weed concentrates does provide a similar high. When you use a vape for weed concentrates, you’re still in contact with an increasingly more elevated amount of THC than you would use a joint, blunt, or even a bong. However, dabbing is commonly known for providing a much more intense high than vape dab carts, primarily because you’re using a more concentrated form of extracts than a vape pen using THC e-juice. Still, using dab pens with a personal stash of concentrates will provide a solid buzz for anyone looking for a vape for weed concentrates. 

Different Types Of Concentrates


Shatter is the purest of concentrates available on the market that derives from butane hash oil. Its name derives from its glass-like texture that allows a sheet of concentrate to “shatter” into pieces. Shatter has a smooth feel that can also be slightly sticky. It’s a commonly found extract at dispensaries.


Unlike shatter, crumble is a bit more malleable. Once the BHO is whipped or vacuumed, it forms into a beautifully potent extract that is soft and easy to break. It’s a dependable extract that breaks into appropriate dabs to place into your dab rig.


The beauty about wax is that it’s a versatile form of extracts perfect for placing in a dab pen. Its sticky texture makes it an exceptional extract for use in any dab pen or rig with a color that hovers somewhere between gold and brown.


Cannabis oil does come in a variety of ways, but these are certainly different than other forms of extracts. For one, oil doesn’t derive from butane but rather CO2. This process makes it a bit more liquidy, so consider storing it in a syringe. This type of concentrate is likely a better option for a cartridge filling machine in comparison to other forms of extracts. 


Rosin is possibly one of the most popular forms of extract, as well as the most accessible. It derives from kief, trim, or bud and forms similarly to shatter or oil. These, too, can be used through a dab rig or even a dab pen. 

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