These Are The States With The Highest Number Of Marijuana Consumers Per Capita

These Are The States With The Highest Number Of Marijuana Consumers Per Capita

It wasn’t long ago when having marijuana-filled joint paper could land you in jail or–leave you with a hefty fine. As more and more states legalize cannabis, people in a ton of different areas are becoming more comfortable even smoking in public. At the moment 18 U.S. states and Washington D.C., the recreational use of marijuana is completely legal, and it is widely expected that even more states will join the club in the coming months and years. 

With that in mind, it piqued our interest to find out which state has the most cannabis consumers. To find out where cannabis users are most prevalent, we gathered the percentage of adults in each state who say they’ve used marijuana within the last year, using Statista. The data plus the most recent population data from the U.S. Census Bureau calculates the number of cannabis users per capita in each state.

Looking at the results, Oregon possesses more cannabis consumers per capita than any other state. Predictably the greatest number of adult consumers per capita were states where adult-use marijuana is legal. These states consist of:

#1 Oregon–Adult cannabis use per capita: 28,560

#2 Colorado–Adult cannabis use per capita: 27,770

#3 Vermont–Adult cannabis use per capita: 25,710

#4 Maine–Adult cannabis use per capita: 25,530

#5 Alaska–Adult cannabis use per capita: 24,520

#6 Washington–Adult cannabis use per capita: 24,180

#7 Nevada–Adult cannabis use per capita: 22,610

#8 Rhode Island (medical only)–Adult cannabis use per capita: 21,210

#9 New Hampshire (medical only)–Adult cannabis use per capita: 20,890

#10 Massachusetts–Adult cannabis users per capita: 20,870

States that possessed the lowest number of adult-use cannabis consumers per capita are:

#50 Utah–Adult cannabis use per capita: 11,160

#49 Texas–Adult cannabis use per capita: 11,210

#48 Mississippi–Adult cannabis use per capita: 11,670

#47 Virginia–Adult cannabis use per capita: 12,050

#46 North Dakota–Adult cannabis use per capita: 12,170

With the legalization of cannabis state by state making more headway, it’s great to see the numbers getting higher and higher as more people are becoming more open to trying marijuana.

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