Things to Do While High to Help You Stay Active

Things to Do While High to Help You Stay Active
Things to Do While High to Help You Stay Active When it comes to being healthy, getting enough exercise and daily activity is essential. Sitting for long periods of time and getting anything less than 30 minutes of exercise or activity a day can actually kill you. It increases your chances of getting cancer, diabetes and a number of other diseases. A sedentary lifestyle over several years will actually cost you seven years of life. Movement is necessary for many reasons. It keeps your bones and muscles strong, it helps with digestion and the elimination of waste from the body, both through the colon and the lymph nodes. It keeps your blood sugar levels balanced, prevents obesity, heart disease and much more. This is why it’s important to incorporate active options into your things to do while high.

Activity-Based Things to Do While High Should Still Be Fun

One drawback of taking in a lot of weed is that it could cause you to binge watch T.V., play a lot of video games and do any other number of activities that don't require you to move for many hours at a time. The less you move and exercise, the less you want to exercise in the future. Not moving creates stagnation in the body. The remedy has to be about finding things to do while high that are truly fun and enjoyable. Here are some ideas to get you started

1. Sex

having sex while stoned Whether it's alone or with someone, sex gets the heart pumping and you can burn anywhere between 25 to 100 calories per average sex session, depending on how much energy you expend.

2. Table Tennis

table tennis fun to play when high One of the most fun things to do while high is putting on some great music and playing a few rounds of table tennis against an opponent. You could even forego the table and just settle for regular tennis against a wall if you’re smoking solo. It will get your heart racing and keep your mind active while providing a hell of a lot of fun and relaxation.

3. Walking

hiking while smoking weed Whether it's walking a pet or taking a stroll around the neighborhood while stoned, this is a great way to get some sunlight and vitamin D, explore new places and even give you an opportunity to catch up on that eBook. Walking at a moderate pace is considered to be the best way to burn fat.

4. YouTube Yoga

  [youtube] You can find a whole array of yoga videos on YouTube that range from short to full classes. This can be an ecstatic way to get some exercise, stretching and relaxing to your private class at home. Yoga is a great way to cleanse and tone the organs, help your digestion and clean out your lymphatic system. Not only are the different yoga styles healthy things to do while high, you’ll actually be building your body’s health in a comfortable, spiritually fulfilling way!

5. Dancing

things to do while high include dancing with friends or alone Put on your favorite tunes and dance in the privacy of your home. This can be extremely fun to do while stoned as it allows you to really get into the energy of the dance. This is a great way to get aerobic activity into your day as you lose yourself for a track or two or more! There are lots of things to do while high that will keep you active. Getting up and moving around for one to two minutes every hour will help you to combat the effects of not enough exercise. On top of this, 30 minutes a day is all you need to keep healthy and that time can be broken up throughout the day. Do these things and you won't just increase your physical health, it will increase your quality of life as a whole.  

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