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Things to Put in Your Bong Besides Water

Things to Put in Your Bong Besides Water

The art of using a bong, a mainstay among many cannabis consumers, is more than just about learning how to hit a bong properly. It also involves understanding how different liquids can affect your overall experience. You might wonder, do you have to put water in a bong? Short answer – no. Most users default to water, given it’s the traditional choice, but there are plenty of bong water alternatives that can help switch things up. Our guide explores the myriad of liquids you can use to complete your smoking apparatus. 

A Splash of Sparkle: Sparkling Water in a Bong

So, can you put something such as sparkling water in a bong? Absolutely! This fizzy option can add a whole new dimension to your session. The bubbles give a mild, ticklish sensation on your throat, adding to the overall sensory experience. The only caveat here is to avoid flavored or sweetened varieties, as they can leave a sticky residue that can be tough to clean from glass bongs.

Sweet Swirl: Juice in a Bong

Can you put juice in a bong? The short answer is yes, you can put juice in a bong. While the sugars in the juice can make cleaning a tad more difficult, they usually add aroma and flavor. Whether it’s a tangy citrus or a sweet berry blend, juice gives your bong a zest that water can’t compete with.

Pop the Cap: Soda in a Bong

Can you put soda in a bong? Yes, but with immense caution. The sugars in soda can make your bong sticky, requiring a thorough cleaning afterward. Moreover, the carbonation might make the smoke a bit harsher on the throat. For some, this is one of the fun things to do with bongs. However, it’s usually not for everyone.

Spirited Choices: Vodka in a Bong

Putting vodka in a bong can seem exciting and offer a fun twist to your usual smoking routine. But remember, alcohol and heat create an intense effect. Vodka might provide a novel flavor, but it also carries the risk of producing harsher smoke. For some, this could spoil an otherwise pleasant experience.

Water or No Water: Do All Bongs Need Water?

Contrary to popular belief, not all types of bongs need water. While percolator bongs certainly do, as the percolators serve to filter and cool smoke through water, other models like dry or gravity bongs don’t require any liquid at all. It’s vital to know what your specific piece requires to ensure a safe and satisfying session.

Choosing the Best Liquid for a Bong

Ultimately, the best liquid for a bong comes down to personal preference. Still, remember to clean your apparatus thoroughly after each use, especially when filling a bong with sugary or sticky liquids. 


A bong’s relationship with water is not set in stone. There are numerous bong water alternatives, from soda and sparkling water to vodka. These variations can dramatically alter the taste, texture, and sensation of each hit, transforming your session into a brand new experience. 
However, remember that safety should always be your priority. It’s also crucial to consider how much bongs cost before experimenting with liquids that may damage your bong over time. Therefore, ensure that whatever you put in your bong is safe to inhale and doesn’t damage your equipment.

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