Harvest season is here, and we’ve got all the best cannabis packaging you’ll need to keep your flower as fresh as can be as the dry winter months begin to roll in. We want your weed to LOOK good and TASTE good too, so we’ve compiled an unbeatable list of the top containers that not only retain moisture but attractively showcase your products, no matter how your customers choose to consume them. With so many options to choose from, we want to make your buyer experience uncomplicated, which is why we’ve taken the opportunity to list all the benefits of this season’s must have marijuana packaging containers!


Push Down
& Turn Vials

We start the countdown with our push down and turn cap vials that make purchasing decisions easy with their simplistic and discreet opaque black design. Unlike some of our other containers, these vials come ready-to-go with their child-resistant caps, available in all the most popular sizes. These vials are a staple product for any medical or recreational dispensary and buying in bulk truly gets you the very best price on the market!



Plastic Jars

Plastic jars are one of the most widely used containers for flower because they are made from durable plastic material, making them a reliable option for storing customer’s favorite strains. Plastic jars come in white, black, or clear and have a wide range of sizes to choose from, as well as an assortment of compatible caps that give these jars a personalized touch! Whether you need to store an eighth, an ounce, or any quantity in between, these jars will get the job done.



Cap Vials

Get the best of both worlds with our dually capable reversible cap vials; one side features a child-resistant push down and turn cap but flip it upside down and it becomes a screw-top lid for easier access! Reversible cap vials are available in opaque or transparent plastic. These containers also come equipped with moisture resistance, an odor-proof design, and tons of vibrant colors to choose from. What else could you ask for?



Joint Boxes

Our joint boxes are one of the most practical cannabis containers out there for pre rolled joints. With numerous sizes to choose from, rest assured their storing capacity will be fitting for any sized pre rolls. But that’s not all, these cases are also ideal for packaging products such as cartridges, vapes, edibles, and more! Our hinged-lid joint boxes are chic, as well as secure, designed with a smooth matte finish and paired with a fail-safe locking mechanism. If that wasn’t enough, they are also recyclable, meaning they will preserve your joints’ freshness, as well as help to preserve the earth’s ecosystems!



Plastic Containers

Our shatter boxes, and screw top containers make storing concentrates more convenient than ever. These containers’ versatile functionality lets you store shatter, crumble, honeycomb, wax, and any other extracts. These containers can be easily cleaned, even after storing the stickiest concentrates, and made from durable plastic so they can be reused time and time again. Additionally, our shatter box is equipped with a child-lock mechanism to ensure your cannabis won’t get into the wrong hands.



Pop Top Bottles

Just pop, lock, and drop it, well maybe not drop it, but even if you do these bottles are guaranteed not to break under pressure. Not only do these bottles have a pop top cap feature, but they are available in both opaque, to meet state mandates, or translucent plastic. Our pop top bottles are available in an assortment of bright colors for anyone tired of the generic black and white containers, you can choose from red, gold, yellow, purple, blue, and more.



Biodegradable Doob Tubes

Have you heard? We recently released our new biodegradable joint tubes, adding to our line of sustainable products, and they are already kicking ash and taking names. Excuse my poorly executed pun, but these doob tubes are not only eco-friendly, they also maintain full functionality. Our bioplastic tubes have all the features people look for in joint tubes, they’re sturdy, slick, sustainable, and safe, with child resistant pop-top caps. Coming in at number 4, they’ve quickly climbed to the top of our list of customer favorite products.



Mylar Bags

With an eclectic amount of sizes and shapes, mylar bags are capable of storing a range of cannabis products at once, which makes them an ideal container for transportation. We supply our very own patented Pinch N Slide bags, Dymapak Kraft bags and plain unbranded black or white mylar bags, which are perfect for customizations. We offer a free quote for any custom inquiries, so you can get a jump start on printing and labeling just in time for the holidays!



Glass Tubes

We all know glass is a classier option for packaging cannabis and our high-end glass joint tubes are no exception; they are blown with craftmanship in order to safely store top-shelf joints. Our glass tubes come in a variety of sizes, everything from mini’s, all the way up to 120mm. Glass tubes have the option for screw top caps, push down and turn caps, or a cork stopper top for optimal humidity. These bad boys will stylishly secure your joints and give onlookers a reason to envy your pre rolled weed.



Glass Jars

Saving the best for last, we have our glass jars that have boomed in popularity due to their ability to preserve the potency and moisture of cannabis buds. Our jar selection is not only wide, but comes in tall, short, rounded, straight sided, and squared. With such versatility, you can mix and match your preferred jar to any of the compatible lids we offer. Glass jars have proven to be alluring containers because they allow customers to admire their crystallized flower, which means good looking bud won’t last long before they’re back for more!


At Marijuana Packaging, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders, which means our inventory is always stocked with the highest quality products. We adhere to all federal and state compliances, while always preserving the functionality and durability of every container. We are here to guide you every step of the way as you decide which containers will best fit your needs this harvest season. Our customer service team is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our containers and your satisfaction is always our number one priority! So, when that new premium harvested buds hits the shelves this season, we have you covered with all of the above!