Top 5 Marijuana Packaging Bestsellers for 2016 Prove Affordability Rules
Product Spotlight

Top 5 Marijuana Packaging Bestsellers for 2016 Prove Affordability Rules

Product Spotlight

Top 5 Marijuana Packaging Bestsellers for 2016 Prove Affordability Rules

Dec 22, 2016
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top 5 marijuana packaging bestsellers for 2016 prove affordability rules It’s that time of year yet again; where we look back on the past 12 months to see what products were flying off our shelves the fastest. 2016 was a year that found me reaching for the water pipe more often than usual (I’ll let you fill in the blank with your own reasons). But there were also some major legalization milestones to celebrate so it wasn’t all bad. It’s funny, I always expect the big sellers to be high end glass pipes or vaporizers. This year it was all about being thrifty but that makes sense; with wholesale prices, you’re going to attract savvy consumers.

5. Discreet and Disguised with Mini Metal Cigarette One Hitters

mini metal cigarette one hitter pipe

I guess all of those ‘80s PSAs about smoking not looking cool didn’t work, because the mini metal cigarette pipes were moving fast throughout the year. Of course, this probably had a lot more to do with the inconspicuous nature of a one hitter pipe that looks like a common cigarette from a short distance. Price could have been a factor too. At a meager $1.00, this smoking pipe is cheaper than most organic apples and, while you can smoke out of an apple, it obviously takes way more effort.

4. Feeling the Pull of Magnetic Plastic Grinders

plastic magnetic grinder weed accessory The epic search for the best weed grinder is obviously subjective. While connoisseurs might tip you off to a Sharpstone Grinder, Cali Crusher, or Space Case Grinder, this year’s stats showed a lot of people gravitating to a thrifty but effective plastic grinder. Made intuitive through simplicity of design, these grinders are constructed of a quality plastic material to keep prices rock bottom. They also make excellent use of a magnetic closure to leave no bud behind.

3. Keeping Things Simple with Glass Smoking Pipes

best selling cool weed pipes for 2016 ‘Tis the season for these assorted candy cane hand pipes but that doesn’t explain why they were such hot items all year round unless you acknowledge that they’re really not all that seasonal looking. Rather they are simple, cool weed pipes that provide the reliable smoking experience people have come to expect from spoon pipes. Over the course of the year, we had some really interesting heady glass pieces come in but I guess you can’t always beat an easy-to-conceal, ultra-convenient hand pipe.

2. Getting Into the Sticky Business of Concentrates

non stick silicone mat as parchment paper substitute for marijuana extraction It was a big year for concentrates. Back in June, Marijuana Business Daily made that abundantly clear by reporting that marijuana concentrate sales had skyrocketed 125% in the first quarter of 2016 when compared to the same period in 2015. Therefore, it’s little wonder that non-stick silicone mats were such hot items this year. Serving as a parchment paper substitute, a cost-effective non-stick silicone mat works nicely to keep the whole business of extraction less messy. These mats were also handy during the concentrate storage process for a lot of the country’s dispensaries. Whether for use in commercial extraction work or for small, DIY Rosin Tech-style pressing, the silicone mat was always in demand.

1. The Ever-Present Haze of Buttonless Vaporizer Cartridges

buttonless oil vape pen cartridge replacement The number 1 bestselling item of the year isn’t anywhere near as surprising as some of the other top 5 selections but what can we say? People love their vape pens. Whether for a dry weed vape pen or an oil vape pen, disposable vape pen cartridges were this year’s favorite item for shoppers. As with all of the items on this list, affordability definitely played a part. But with vaping being considered a healthier alternative to smoking medical marijuana, we can only imagine that any accessories relating to vaporizers will remain popular for the foreseeable future.
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