Vaping Terpenes: All You Need To Know

Vaping Terpenes: All You Need To Know

As the technology and research extend to new depths within the industry and discoveries are made that enhance the overall experience that is cannabis, it is hard not to get excited and want to learn more. The diversity in plant genetics, methods of consumption, and endless opportunities to grow, pave the way to the best cannabis and cannabis-related products consumers have seen to date. This brings me to the hot topic of terpenes, their synergistic relationships with cannabinoids, and all the unique qualities terpenes have to offer. This article examines the benefits, highlights and basically everything you need to know about terpenes for vape carts. 

What Are Terpenes? 

What many people don’t know is that terpenes are the secret ingredient behind the distinct flavors and aromas of so many plants and flowers, not just cannabis. Terpenes are responsible for the calming element your receptors absorb from lavender and eucalyptus, the earthy pungent aromas you receive from pine, and the strong fruity scent you get from mangos. Known as a diverse group of organic compounds found in plants, terpenes are naturally extracted with cannabis and hemp plant material and then found in those oh-so tasty full spectrum dab cartridges enhancing the positive effects consumers are looking for when they take a rip. 

Vaporizing Terpenes: Benefits and Appeal 

The unique qualities of terpenes make them so easy to love. They are not only found in cannabis products, but are more than likely in your favorite lotions, perfumes, essential oils and even cleaning products too. It is known that there are over 100 different terpenes identified in the marijuana plant, all of which have a distinct set of benefits, scents, and characteristics. These benefits and the euphoric feeling you get when combining terpenes with cannabinoids is known as the entourage effect, which contributes to a better overall vaping experience for well, basically you and everyone else. 

Why We Love Terpenes 

•    Soothing Therapeutic Effects 

•    Fabulous Flavor Profiles

•    Unique Aromatic Properties

•    Potential Health Benefits 

•    Product Diversity 

•    Pain and Inflammation Aid

•    Poor Sleep Solution 

How To Vape Terpenes: Your Way 

Of course, we can answer the question “how to use terpenes in vape cartridges?” But I’ll leave the decisions making up to the consumer. With the rise in popularity of vaping has come an immense amount of variety in consumption methods, genetics, concentrates, the list goes on…. Many consumers have opted for a method that gives them full control of what they are vaping from extraction method to ingredients and portion size. 

Some consumers fill their carts manually when working with smaller amounts considering that knowing how to fill vape cartridges is a pretty straightforward process. Other cannabis consumers purchase cart filling machines, so they can mass produce them in an organized fashion, professionally. Not into that idea? Terpenes are naturally derived from your beloved hemp and cannabis plants and are found in most oils ready to vape. Take a look at the label and see which carts are boosted and infused with some of these commonly found and beneficial terpenes below. 

Best Terpenes For Cartridges: 

The most popular terpenes are coveted for not just that exquisite aromatic appeal, but also for the sole benefits they introduce to the overall vaping experience. To understand and find that perfect combination as a consumer it helps if you view the independent testing results of your full spectrum cannabis products. When asking yourself, “What are terps in carts?” This can seem like a pretty broad question, but not to worry it can be narrowed down to the specifics. 

Considering that individual terpenes are more prevalent in certain strains while flashing different attributes, you are able to pinpoint what it is you are looking for. Perhaps a consumer fancies a calming effect, a focus factor, or is looking to treat a specific ailment. As noted prior, there are over 100 identified terpenes in the hemp and cannabis plant, but let’s check out this quick guide to the naturally extracted terpenes that are most prevalent and commonly coveted in today’s industry. 

Most Important Terpenes in Cannabis 

Myrcene– Myrcene is most commonly found in sources such as lemon grass, mango, and hops and makes up a vast amount of the terpenes in the cannabis plant. Nearly Half, actually! Known for its beneficial factors as an anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, sleep aid, and stress relief (to name a few) this terpene is quite a magical healer. While it accelerates the effects of cannabinoids it also enhances your smoking experience in an array of positive and calming aspects. 

Limonene– This terpene is responsible for that citrus lemon-like aroma many know and love in iconic strains of cannabis and your favorite dab pens. Found in alternative sources like carnivorous trees, citrus fruits, and rosemary, this terpene has far more to offer than just a flavorful aroma. Limonene and cannabis create quite the combo, working in harmony to combat inflammation, depression, and anxiety. It also acts as an antifungal, antioxidant, and antibacterial making this terpene insanely beneficial to those in need of a little TLC. 

Caryophyllene– Now onto the only terpene that acts as a cannabinoid. Note: Cannabinoids are compounds such as THC and CBD (among others) that bind to the brain’s receptors. Commonly misconstrued as terpenes, cannabinoids are different in that fact, though they both work harmoniously when combined. Caryophyllene is found in cloves, oregano, basil, and black pepper and contains a preppy spice-like aroma. Similar to the terpenes listed above, it may aid in inflammation and pain.

Terpinolene– Responsible for that piney herbal scent you find in cumin, rosemary, sage, and parsnip, this terpene shows up in a lot of perfumes. It has an uplifting yet sedative effect while also reducing inflammation and anxiety.  

Pinene–  Very common in vaping and also known as the “most abundant terpene in nature”! Pinene is found in a plethora of plants from pine, parsley, and basil to citrus fruits and coniferous tree resin. Often recommended for focus and a huge hit in the cannabis community, this terpene is quite the attention seeker. 

LinaloolThink lavender! Another all-star on the terpene front is linalool for its calming and relaxing nature. It has a minty floral dominant aroma making it a top contender for vaping. Soothing hits for a soothing feeling this terpene relaxes the mind, body, and soul.

Are Terpenes Safe to Vape? 

Though not usually smoked solo, terpenes are an amazing addition to your hemp and cannabis concentrate. Outside of their anecdotally proven health benefactors and soothing effects, they are also safe to smoke. Considering that they are naturally extracted with both the cannabis and hemp plant (and then vaped) they do not undergo the combustion factor you get from straight smoking. This reduces the consumption of cancer-causing agents from tar, which is why most consumers are switching to vaping altogether. 

For all the health-conscious consumers curious about cannabis or simply wanting to mix up their smoking experience and learn more about safe consumption methods, trust me there is lots to learn and even more to get excited about. Knowing the subtle differences between ceramic carts vs metal carts and all the positive health effects terpenes provide when working synergistically with cannabinoids will only get you one step close to the perfect smoking experience you desire. 

Bear in mind that there are a wide variety of cannabis-related products in today’s market, not all of which are of premium top-shelf quality. It is important to stick to natural terpenes as opposed to artificial terpenes and additives. With this knowledge, you are able to view independent test results and find exactly what you and your consumers are looking for. Research terpenes for sale online from reliably sourced companies and licensed distributors. That way whether you are ripping ceramic dab carts or your favorite glass dab rig you know you are vaping exactly the way you like it! 

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