Vubbler Gives You the Silkiness of Vaping and Smoothness of a Bubbler

Vubbler Gives You the Silkiness of Vaping and Smoothness of a Bubbler
Vubbler Gives You the Best of Vaping and a Bubbler The slow and gradual legalization of marijuana has led to a whole new world of smoking and vaping options and accessories. Just when you think you know them all, some wild new invention hits the market to make the experience of smoking more enjoyable. The vubbler is such an invention. It is essentially a tool that combines vaping and using a bubbler to create the smoothest and most enjoyable vaping experience. While vaping is definitely the healthiest way to consume cannabis, it can still irritate the throat and not be so pleasant when you are feeling under the weather. Water is the best way to cool down smoke and vapor to make the experience of inhalation more smooth and enjoyable.

How a Vubbler Works

many models like this kandypens vubbler are nondescript A bubbler is essentially a tiny water pipe. You can use it like a little bong, pulling the smoke through the water to ensure a silkier, more pleasant hit. Now this experience can be improved upon even further by vaping the smoke that is pulled through the water and this is exactly what a vubbler allows. It contains an attachment that allows you to connect your favorite vape pen to the little water pipe. Then you can inhale in the usual fashion but instead of pulling smoke through a bowl, you will be pulling vapor through your favorite pen and in through the water. The result is a smooth hit that will cause the least amount of irritation to your throat.

Caring for Your Vubbler

The vubbler is generally made of glass so it will need to be protected from breakage. If you are using a cone shaped set down piece, you can clean in the same way that you clean a glass pipe. Mix salt with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and allow the mixture to sit in the device for about half an hour. Then shake it up gently but be careful to avoid spillage and make sure the mixture cleans out any sticky residues. Once you have done this to the point where it is clean, spill out the salt and alcohol mixture and rinse the vubbler with warm water.

Special Instructions for Using a Spill-Proof Over the Top

pulling vapor through water has a much smoother result On the other hand, if you are using a vubbler spill-proof over the top, do not use the salt and alcohol mixture to clean it. Rinse it with clean hot water instead and do it often so the piece doesn't fill up with sticky residue. The vubbler spill-proof over the top has percolators that clean the air and water in the piece which creates better filtration. It can be used with wax vape pens that can stand up straight. If you clean these with the alcohol and salt mix, you will taste it in your hits and the mixture is generally harder to get out. Hot water will do the trick just fine. All in all, vubblers are a great way to smooth out the hits from your vaporizer and enjoy the best possible hits. Once you try it and find the right piece for your needs, you'll never want to go back to vaping in the usual way again.

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Chemney Young Blunt

Like the guy said just when you think you seen it all here come the Vubbler. It make perfect sense to use this if in fact it is a very smooth toke!

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