Wax Atomizer Leaks Can Be Easily Prevented With a Few Simple Measures

Wax Atomizer Leaks Can Be Easily Prevented With a Few Simple Measures | Marijuana Packaging

Perhaps you’ve lived this nightmare: trying to enjoy a Saturday night with the aid of your trusted dab vape pen when suddenly you feel a creeping, wet sensation in your pocket. Your brand new jeans are ruined and you’re wearing your wax. It could be worse: a leaking wax atomizer in a purse is not only messy but could also send your smartphone or earbuds to the great beyond, depending on the viscosity of your concentrates. Some vape enthusiasts have just accepted faulty oil vaporizer designs and compromised atomizers as inevitabilities. But there are actually a few things you can do to lessen your chances of your vape leaking or, in a worst case scenario, respond with some rapid damage control.

UPDATE: How the CCELL Coil Design is Bringing an End to Leaky Wax Atomizers

As we mentioned in a more recent blog, vape atomizer technology got a welcome kick from the advent of the CCELL coil. While there are a few reasons people are raving about the CCELL cartridge, one of the most prominent is that CCELLs tend to be less prone to leakage. A CCELL wax atomizer is made from ceramic but, unlike other atomizers for wax pens, uses a series of nano inlet holes distributed across the coil for even heating. This allows for better preservation of the cannabinoids but also keeps the oil from getting burned like you may have experienced with sub-par coils in cheap vape pens. A CCELL coil is best used with distillate. In some cases, there will be a bit of wax collected at the center post but, compared to other wax atomizers, the CCELL coil makes the most efficient use of concentrates. Vape connoisseurs have been singing the praises of CCELLs for months. So, if you’re really looking to put an end to the leaky atomizer, you may want to try loading a CCELL cartridge into the best vape pen you’ve got. Follow along for some common answers to the question that has plagued us all at one point: Why is my vape leaking?

CCELL® Coil Exploded View | Marijuana Packaging

How Wax Viscosity Comes Into Play

The viscosity of your concentrates is going to be a factor in the likelihood of springing a leak. A high viscosity wax is going to hold up a lot better than thinner cannabis oils in the event of a leak. In some cases, wax liquidizer is used to soften up shatter for use in a dab vape pen. If you’re just getting used to using the wax liquidizer, you could overdo it and end up with a low viscosity oil that leaks from standard dab pens designed for waxes. If you’re mainly using thicker waxes that are solid at room temperature, taking a few cool down hits off the vape pen at the end of your session can make a difference in preventing leakage.

“Cool down hits,” which could also be called “clearing hits,” are when you continue to draw from your pen for a second or two after releasing the button. This practice helps to clear any vapor within the mouthpiece that can cause buildup and eventual leakage.

Keeping Your Dab Pen in a Controlled Environment

Even if you’re a loyal devotee to thicker concentrates, exposure to extreme temperatures can render your wax thinner. The thinning wax is more likely to compromise a solid wax atomizer or normally reliable dab vape pen. Have you ever had the misfortune of forgetting your portable oil vaporizer pen in the car during the sweltering summer months? Under those circumstances, even the tightest of dab pens can spring a leak. Sometimes, simply storing your wax pen in your pocket exposes it to enough transferring body heat to result in leakage.

The Common Problem of Overfilling

A major catalyst for leaking dab pens is overfilling. We’ve all done it, especially if we’re heading on a road trip or sharing with friends. If you’re keeping your oil vaporizer in a controlled temperature but still seeing leaks pretty frequently, try loading less concentrate into the chamber. Depending on your model of dab vape pen, you can experience other issues when you’re overloading. For example, you may find excess waxes and oils collecting beneath the coil. If a hefty load of wax is vital to your experience, consider investing in a model that positions the air holes toward the top of the chamber so that leakage is less likely.

If You Already Have a Leaking Wax Atomizer

Preventative measures aside, let’s imagine that your wax atomizer is already leaking. It’s in your best interest to get the atomizer and coil squeaky clean and free from any congealed wax that could affect the vape pen’s performance and possibly lead to future leaks. The first tip on how to clean atomizer and coil pieces: Your best friend is going to be ISO alcohol; the stronger, the better. If any rubber pieces are in the line of fire, remove them, if possible. Alcohol can compromise the integrity of the rubber pieces. Use the alcohol to thoroughly clean the adjustable airflow and coil. You could even gently apply heat to soften up tenacious concentrates by popping your oil vaporizer in a plastic bag and running it under a faucet of warm water. In most cases, your wax atomizer will not need to be replaced but simply cleaned. Once your oil pen is cleaned and dried, try storing it in an upright position in the future to avoid subsequent leaks. If you frequently vape, you’ll probably experience a leaking wax atomizer at some point. Hash oil cartridge leaking is particularly common. But following the easy tips above should keep leakage to a minimum while allowing you to enjoy your dab pen at its prime. In any case, keep the high grade alcohol nearby for cleaning and check atomizer vape pieces for buildup frequently. You never know when you’ll have to clean up an oil spill.

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