Wax Rig Shopping Doesn’t Have to Be a Daunting Experience for Rookies

Wax Rig Shopping Doesn’t Have to Be a Daunting Experience for Rookies


Wax Rig Shopping Doesn’t Have to Be a Daunting Experience for Rookies

Aug 23, 2017
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Wax Rig Shopping Doesn’t Have to Be a Daunting Experience for Rookies Buying your first wax rig can be a daunting experience if you’re unversed in the science behind concentrate pipes. Fortunately, we’ve got the CliffsNotes to help you prep for your purchase so you’ll be certain you’re sinking your hard-earned cash into an oil rig that meets all your expectations. There are a variety of factors to mull over but once you’ve read through this overview, your choice should seem almost intuitive.

How Size Matters with Concentrate Pipes

look for tiny wax rig for more flavorful hits When it comes to a stellar wax rig, size really does matter but probably not in the way you’d expect. In this case, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. In fact, concentrate pipes on the smaller size are much preferred. Those of us who have more experience smoking out of water pipes are used to wanting voluminous chambers so we can take heavy, bowl-clearing hits. But with concentrate rigs, there’s no bowl to clear so you can count on unobstructed vapor flow. Not only is a huge chamber wasted on a rig, it actually can adversely impact flavor and result in diluted, weaker hits. To further preserve the flavor of your concentrates, you’ll also want a mouthpiece on the smaller side. You won’t waste any concentrate with a smaller mouthpiece but will retain plenty of flavor.

Finding a Wax Rig with Smooth Hits

With concentrates, you’re dealing with a lot of heat so adequate filtration is obviously important when searching for the best wax rig. You’ll definitely want a concentrate pipe that utilizes water even though there are harsher, waterless varieties intended as travel rigs. However, you want to keep an eye out that you’re not purchasing a piece that holds too much water because this could dilute your dabs and result in some noticeably weaker hits. Finding a perfect balance is key. You don’t want the harshness of dry rips nor do you want watered down potency. On a quest for smoother hits, you may find yourself lured in by complex percolators that would be perfect for a water pipe but are superfluous for a wax rig. Simple downstem or inline percolators are fine but don’t throw your money down the drain on rigs boasting complicated percs. They won’t add anything to your dabbing experience.

The Value of Simplistic Design

concentrate pipe uses inline perc and minimal design Just as any percolation should be kept simple, the overall design of your wax rig should be straightforward. A certain flare can work well with water pipes but oil rigs are a different animal. You want a rig that offers a vapor path that isn’t easily obstructed and is simultaneously easy to clean. As you can imagine, wax vapor is significantly more tenacious than resin and needs to be cleaned often to avoid buildup that can result in weakened hits. You’ll definitely want a rig comprised of high grade borosilicate glass since you’ll be working with extreme levels of heat. Because optimum heat resistance is crucial, you’ll also be looking for a rig that’s on the thicker side. Larger pieces are often more heat resistant so this can lead to yet another balancing act where you find yourself searching for a concentrate pipe that is highly heat resistant yet remains small enough to serve up flavorful vapor with high potency. While these are the primary considerations a rookie should ponder while shopping for his/her first wax rig, they aren’t by any means the only choices that need to be made. Make sure to also take into account gender and size of joints to make sure your concentrate pipe will be as easy to use and maintain as you expect. You may also want to consider specific types of rigs like pucks and eggs. Do your homework and you’ll be certain that your wax rig will be worth every dollar.
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