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What Can You Do With Resin

What Can You Do With Resin

As cannabis grows in popularity worldwide, more people are getting in tune with the cannabis culture. Even so, numerous things still baffle newcomers, one of which is what to do with weed resin. Over time, as you smoke cannabis using pipes, they accumulate a sticky black substance known as resin. This byproduct can leave you puzzled, especially when you’re running low on your weed stash. Is it safe to smoke or dangerous to your health? Let’s delve deeper into the world of resin to understand how you can make the most out of it.

Understanding Resin

Before we address how to use resin from your pipe, it’s essential to understand what it is. Resin is a byproduct that accumulates in your smoking devices, be it a smoking pipe, bong, or rig, after multiple sessions. It consists of tar, ash, and the active compounds of cannabis. Many users believe that this thick, tar-like substance can provide a secondary source of high when they’re out of fresh buds.

What to Do with Resin from Your Pipe

1. Re-smoking the Resin: The most straightforward thing to do with resin from your pipe is to re-smoke it. Collect the resin, form it into a small ball or pellet, and light it up in your smoking device. However, remember that smoking resin can be harsh on the throat and has a distinct taste that’s not always pleasant.

2. Mix with Fresh Cannabis: You can combine the collected resin with fresh cannabis for a more balanced flavor. Use a weed grinder to break down your herb, and then sprinkle the resin on top. This method can be particularly useful if your cannabis stash is running low.

3. Crafting Homemade Edibles: Some adventurous souls use their pipe resin to create DIY edibles. Even so, the potency can be unpredictable, and the flavor may be stronger than traditional edibles.

4. Combine it with kief: Another intriguing thing you can do with the resin from your pipe is mix it with kief. Kief is the fine powdery substance that accumulates at the bottom of your grinder. Combining the potency of kief with the resin can give you a powerful smoking experience. 

Storing Resin for Future Use

If you’re not keen on using your resin immediately, you can store it for future use. Keep it in a small, airtight container to preserve its potency. Over time, you might gather enough to consider consuming it using one of the methods mentioned above.

Safety Concerns

While there are several things you can do with pipe resin, remember that it contains higher levels of tar than fresh cannabis. It’s not the purest form of cannabis consumption and might be more harmful than your usual buds. For this reason, always prioritize your health by understanding the risks involved before using it.

Bottom Line

Resin, for many, is a last-resort option – a means to get high when the stash runs dry. Whether you choose to smoke it immediately, mix it with kief, or craft edibles, understanding how to use resin from your pipe can significantly expand your cannabis horizons. Although it may not be the most pleasant or potent way to get high, utilizing the resin from your pipe can provide a nice buzz when you’re out of options.

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