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What is BHO? All About Butane Hash Oil

What is BHO? All About Butane Hash Oil

As you explore the extensive realm of cannabis and its derivative products, one acronym that often pops up is ‘BHO’. So, what is BHO? It stands for Butane Hash Oil, a potent concentrate that’s making waves in the cannabis industry. However, comprehending the specifics of Butane Hash Oil involves more than just understanding the meaning of BHO. Our guide aims to provide an exhaustive explanation, covering everything from its production process to its usage, forms, and safety.

Understanding BHO: What Butane Hash Oil Is

BHO is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s extracted using butane, a highly volatile solvent. The extraction process uses butane to pull out the plant’s most valuable components – its cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in a sticky, resinous substance with high THC levels. This concentrate, known as BHO oil, can reach a potency of up to 80% THC, compared to the 15-20% THC content in typical cannabis flowers. This makes BHO a popular choice among those seeking a more intense experience.

A Closer Look at the Extraction Process

A fundamental part of understanding what butane hash oil is lies in the extraction process. Still, extracting hash oil with butane requires significant expertise and extreme caution, considering butane’s flammable nature. The process involves running butane through cannabis material, often in an enclosed system. As butane travels through the plant material, it binds with the cannabinoids and terpenes, forming a butane-cannabis solution. The next step is evaporating the butane, leaving behind the concentrated cannabis oil, often referred to as BHO butane.

BHO Varieties: BHO Wax and Other Types of Concentrates

Similar to other cannabis concentrates like bubble hash and RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), BHO comes in various forms, including shatter, wax, budder, and crumble. The differences among these types of concentrates boil down to their texture and consistency, which result from post-extraction handling.

For example, BHO wax, a popular form, is whipped to introduce air into the extract, giving it a light, flaky texture. It is often packaged in hash jars for convenience and preservation. Its malleable consistency makes it a favorite for many, as it’s easy to handle and use.

Safety Concerns with BHO: Butane for Hash Oil Extraction

While BHO offers a potent cannabis experience, its extraction process raises significant safety concerns. Butane for hash oil extraction is inherently dangerous due to its highly flammable properties. There have been numerous reports of explosions and injuries resulting from unprofessional or careless BHO production.

Moreover, residual butane may remain in the final product if the extraction process isn’t conducted thoroughly. Consuming butane can lead to serious health issues, including lung problems and neurological damage. Therefore, it is crucial to purchase BHO products from reputable, licensed sources that prioritize safety and quality.


Butane Hash Oil has indeed carved its niche within the cannabis world, offering users a high-potency option in the form of BHO wax and other concentrates. However, understanding what BHO entails, from its extraction process to its usage, emphasizes the importance of informed decision-making in cannabis consumption. As intriguing as the world of wax with butane may be, safety must always come first when extracting and consuming BHO.

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