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What Keeps These Water Pipe Designs So Popular?

What Keeps These Water Pipe Designs So Popular?
Most Popular Types of Water Pipe Designs For those who smoke, its common knowledge that despite all the medicinal benefits marijuana boasts, it can still be a little rough on the lungs and throat if you don't use the right smoking tool. Glass water pipes are by far the tastiest and smoothest way to smoke weed. Quality glass won't affect the taste of the hit and the water creates a filter for the dry, hot smoke that is usually the core reason for extra harsh smoke sessions. Adding ice can smooth the hit even more and some smokers even add various flavors to the water. For these reasons and more, smoking with a glass water pipe is a preference for many smokers. Knowing how to pick the right glass water pipe is key to getting the most out of the experience.

The Materials Used in Water Pipes

most water pipe models must be designed from heat resistant borosilicate glass
Arguably, the material used to make the water pipe is the most important defining factor. Borosilicate glass is a popular choice for its high heat resistance and ruggedness when compared to other types of glass. It’s rare that you’d find water pipe completely crafted from quartz but many water pipes take advantage of quartz components (such as quartz bangers). While borosilicate is crafted using high amounts of silica, quartz is purely silica. Quartz is even more durable and heat resistant than borosilicate but not as cost effective. You can also find unbreakable water pipes designed from silicone.

What is a Scientific Glass Water Pipe?

Scientific water pipes are made from borosilicate and often resemble scientific instruments (like beakers). They have a clean design and they're durable which makes them a popular choice for many. They can be on the more expensive side but, if you are using it often, its durability will make it cheaper in the longer run.

How to Make Sure Your Pipe is Durable Enough

In general, you want your glass water pipes to be durable. This means checking the thickness of your pipe. You want it to be thick in an even way around the entire pipe. Areas with flaws and thinner glass are going to be in the highly breakable category. Likewise, you want to be sure that the joints have thick enough glass as these are areas of vulnerability. Be sure that the holes are created by torches and not using glass cutters that may leave shards behind. Glass water pipes that are blown are going to be thicker and more durable than those made in a production line. Many production line pipes are made in India and China so you may want to investigate whether the pipe is made in the U.S. since glass water pipes in the U.S. often use high quality borosilicate glass and quartz.

Heady Glass Pipes

heady glass water pipes feature unique and intricate designs
The artistic kind of glass water pipe, also known as heady glass, is also generally made from high quality glass that is blown thick enough to also be quite durable. These kinds of water pipes can come in all manner of shapes and designs; from tiny bubblers and portable water pipes, to elaborate and intricate pipes with wild, creative designs. These water pipes are one of a kind pieces which only adds to their appeal. The piece becomes a statement and form of unique expression of its owner. Water pipes are definitely a classy, tasty, clean and smooth way of smoking. There are a variety of styles that meld fashion and function to suit your tastes, including bubblers, heady glass and scientific glass water pipes. Always pay attention to the material used in the creation of your purchase. Durability is key in selecting a water pipe that will last you years, securing a place of honor among your glass collection.

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