What Qualities Should You Look for When Shopping for Cannabis Bags?

What Qualities Should You Look for When Shopping for Cannabis Bags?
What Qualities Should You Look for When Shopping for Cannabis Bags With California’s 2018 updates to their recreational marijuana regulations, cannabis bags have never been more integral to the legal market than they are now. As we stated in our guide to California compliance, mylar bags can be used as exit packaging as long as they are child-resistant and resealable. Though vials and bottles aren’t going anywhere, these regulations are placing heightened importance on the role of cannabis bags in the legal marijuana industry. But what makes a great cannabis bag? A lot of that will come down to your intended use of the bag.

The Importance of Rugged Material Beyond the Closure

child resistant cannabis bags account for more than the closure Cannabis bags are comprised of mylar because of the material’s hygienic qualities but also because it’s a rugged material perfect for child resistant packaging. Child resistance accounts for more than the closure of packaging. The material for child resistant or child proof bags is measured by how long it would take a child to penetrate the packaging through any common means, including biting. Many industries have shied away from using terms like “child proof bags” in favor of the less rigid term “child resistant.” While the closure is not the sole factor in determining whether a bag is child resistant, it is still an important factor nonetheless. You will want to shop for cannabis bags that are certified child resistant but are still easy enough for adults to access.

Smell Proof Bags for Discrete Customers and Patients

Discretion is paramount for many dispensary patients and retail customers so it can pay to look for smell proof bags. There are actually a pretty wide range of odor resistant bags available on the market, again relying on mylar as their primary component. These aren’t bags that are going to pass a canine inspection by any stretch but they offer a nice amount of privacy when traveling home from the dispensary on a city bus.

Are Your Cannabis Bags Airtight?

sandwich bags make poor cannabis bags since theyre not odor proof If you’ve got odor resistant or smell proof bags, chances are they’re also airtight. Airtight storage bags are great for adding longevity to your herb since exposure to air can zap cannabis of its potency. Airtight qualities are so vital to marijuana that most cannabis bags you find will be designed in such a manner. However, it always pays to doublecheck; especially if you’re purchasing marijuana bags for your business. Obviously, in legitimate business, sandwich bags aren’t going to cut it.

Shopping with Opacity in Mind

Many mylar cannabis bags include aluminum foil for light resistance. Cannabis can be sensitive to light so investing in marijuana bags with some degree of light resistance can be helpful. Be sure that you’re checking both sides of mylar cannabis bags because some will feature aluminum or opaque material on one side but remain clear on the other.

Knowing the Regulations of Cannabis Legal States

If you’re planning on selling products in these cannabis bags, then you’ll want to read up on your specific state’s rules and regulations. For example, California has stated that cannabis bags used for exit packaging must be able to be resealed for child resistance. For this reason, models like the Pinch N Slide are highly effective marijuana bags for the purposes of sales in the Golden State. There are other factors to consider when striving for state compliance so knowing your state guidelines is integral when shopping for the best cannabis bags. Depending on your intended use, you may not need to check off every attribute that we’ve discussed when shopping for the right cannabis bags. But the best marijuana bags are often selected with the “better safe than sorry” philosophy firmly in mind. It’s reason enough to keep child resistance and state compliance at the forefront of your selection criteria, no matter your personal preference.

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