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What You Can Use as Substitute for Rolling Papers

What You Can Use as Substitute for Rolling Papers

Most smokers can agree that there’s nothing worse than settling down to roll your favorite herbs and realizing that you don’t have any rolling papers. Even so, there are several alternatives that can be incredibly helpful in such situations. Whether it’s for a cigarette or a joint, there are several materials you can utilize when traditional rolling papers are out of reach. 

Our guide explores some of the best alternatives to rolling papers to help you find a savvy and effective solution when you run out. So, if you’re wondering, “What paper can I use to roll cigarettes?” or “What can I use as rolling paper?” this guide will help you get the job done.

Rolling Paper Alternatives for the Creative Smoker

1. Corn Husks

In certain regions, corn husks are common and accessible rolling paper alternatives. After allowing the husks to dry out in the sun, you can use them to roll your herbs. Interestingly, corn husks are a common choice in Jamaica and some parts of the U.S. 

2. Gum Wrappers

Gum wrappers also provide a handy solution to rolling paper shortages. Be sure to peel away the foil side, leaving only the thin paper. This paper is sufficient for rolling a joint or cigarette.

3. Fruit Peel

For a truly organic option, you can use dried fruit peel. The peel gives off a pleasant aroma and adds a unique flavor to your smoking experience. However, remember that peels need to dry out before use. 

4. Rose Petals

Why not add romance to your smoking experience when looking for what you can roll joints with? Rose petals offer a natural and aromatic alternative. It might take some practice to perfect rolling with rose petals, but it’s worth the effort.

Creating Your Own Rolling Papers

1. Make Your Own Rolling Papers

Making your own rolling papers can be a fun project. You can use materials like rice paper, thin cellulose, or hemp paper to create rolling paper alternatives at home. Using homemade rolling papers ensures you know exactly what’s going into your smoke. 

2. Custom Rolling Papers

Alternatively, if crafting isn’t your thing but you still want a personalized experience, consider purchasing custom rolling papers. These are commercially available and can be made from a variety of materials, including hemp and rice.

Flavorful Substitutes for Rolling Papers

Flavored papers can bring a new dimension to your smoking experience. And when you run out, there are alternatives you can find right at home.

1. Flavored Gum Wrappers

Some gum wrappers can serve as excellent flavored papers. Make sure to use wrappers from natural and organic gum to avoid inhaling harmful chemicals.

2. Herbal Sheets

Using dried herbal sheets instead of traditional papers not only adds flavor but can also enhance your smoking experience. These sheets can be made from various herbs, including mint, chamomile, and sage.

Ensuring a Smooth Experience

1. Filter for Your Joints

No matter what you choose as a substitute for rolling papers, it’s always a good idea to use a filter for your joints. These filter tips prevent loose herbs from being drawn into your mouth and create a better overall smoking experience.

2. Pre-Rolled Cones

If rolling isn’t your forte, consider using pre-rolled cones. They’re easy to fill, made from some of the best rolling papers, and are available in numerous materials.

Final Thoughts

There are many substitutes for rolling papers that you can find in everyday items. Whether you’re a tobacco enthusiast or looking for what you can use to roll weed, these alternatives can come in handy. Remember to be creative, stay safe, and enjoy the process of finding new things to roll up with.

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