Where to Start Your Search for Marijuana Industry Jobs

Where to Start Your Search for Marijuana Industry Jobs | Marijuana Packaging

The legalization of marijuana across the nation has made a significant effect on the economy. 29 states have now legalized medical marijuana and 8 states have legalized the plant for recreational use. The locations include California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Maine and Massachusetts which, in total, make up nearly 20% of the country’s 50 states. It's fair to say this new billion dollar industry is presenting itself as a goldmine for those looking at new business or employment opportunities. It's being called the Green Rush and there are many people are wondering how to get a job in the marijuana industry to capitalize on the lucrative and exciting market.

Update: Rapid Cannabis Legalization Sweeping The Nation

Per the most recent reports, as of June 2021, 45 states have legalized medical marijuana (of some form) and 20 states and Washington D.C. have legalized recreational cannabis. More are expected to follow quite shortly.

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Opportunities For Those With Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you're an entrepreneur, you might consider starting up your own cultivation plant, product line or dispensary. Marijuana stocks have now hit the market as well, opening up the door for even more ways to earn money through the popularity of this plant. These directions take a lot of capital, though, and the industry has been cracked open so wide that there are many entry level and professional marijuana jobs that have opened for those interested in working in the field. There is such a vast range of opportunity that options exist for everyone, no matter their profession, field of expertise, or interest.

The Vast Options for Cannabis Careers

People can work at cultivation plants, dispensary jobs, testing facilities, production, packaging, delivery, or specialized product manufacturing (namely concentrates). You can work with patients, for marijuana companies, a tech company, a firm, or simply work for yourself. The options are limitless and, at the end of the day, it depends on your skill set and how much you are willing to explore this new and developing industry. You will need enough interest in your position to allow for growth and longevity.

Looking for Marijuana Industry Jobs Requires Research

If you’re wondering how to get a job in the cannabis industry, you’ll need to start by researching the industry in depth. Even budtender jobs (essentially the bartenders of the cannabis world, although you cannot actually smoke/ingest cannabis at most dispensaries) require that employees are well versed in strains, brands, cannabinoids, and more. There are many different marrijuana resources out there. You can sign up to marijuana industry websites, apps, magazines, blogs, and newsletters. Try to stay up to date with what’s happening in the country today with marijuana laws, medical studies, products, and trends. There are cannabis universities, colleges, and certification programs that you can attend or whose curriculum you can read and study on your own.

Reading marijuana industry books will give you a good understanding of working with marijuana in general. It can also help to attend trade shows and marijuana conferences so that you can network and keep up with the inner workings of the industry. The more you know, the more power and opportunity you will create for yourself. You don't need to be a consumer; you just need to have a passion for and knowledge of the industry. The rest of the process is the same as getting any other job. Look professional, be courteous, know the company's history and mission, ask pertinent questions, and make sure to follow up (a thank you note goes a long way!). Working in an area that excites you is essential to making it work for you and everyone else involved, so as long as you’re dedicated and passionate, you have a fighting chance.

According to Arcview Market Research, cannabis is predicted to create approximately 80,000 new marijuana industry jobs over the next few years. It is estimated to initiate 400,000 new marijuana industry jobs by 2021 through either the direct or indirect effect of the plant becoming legal. It's a good time to get into the industry and, if you do your research and know your stuff, cannabis jobs are within your reach.

Update: How Those Job Estimations Aged

As of March 2021, it was reported that the cannabis industry added approximately 77,300 in 2020 alone - more than twice as many as 2019, which was a rough year for cannabis. As more states continue to legalize and expand their cannabis programs and marijuana companies, even more jobs can be expected to come.

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