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Why Are So Many People Choosing Vapor Pipes and E-Cigs for Nicotine?

Why Are So Many People Choosing Vapor Pipes and E-Cigs for Nicotine?
What Happens When You Use a Vapor Pipe or E-Cig to Vape Tobacco We all know that smoking tobacco is bad for your health. It can cause cancer, heart and lung disease amongst many other side effects that are enough to persuade even the most tenacious smoker into contemplating alternatives. Vaping is one such alternative that has been touted as having numerous benefits and being a much better alternative to smoking. But is this true? And if so, how and why? According to many studies done on the subject, using a vapor pipe to ingest nicotine does seem to be a much safer option than smoking nicotine, although the U.S. has no official stance on the subject.

Contrasting Vaporization and Combustion

vapor pipes come in a wide variety of styles
The answer starts with the basic concept of combustion. Smoking involves burning the chemicals and tobacco in your cigarettes to the point of combustion, releasing carcinogens which are toxic substances known to cause cancer. Vaping, on the other hand, is about heating an oil to the point of producing vapor, not smoke, which contains only a liquid form of nicotine combined with food grade ingredients, making it a healthier option. While there are studies that show that heating the oil at extremely high temperatures in vaporizers produces the harmful chemical known as formaldehyde, this is not the temperature used for vaping and therefore this discovery does not affect vapers.

Why Vaping is Often Suggested Over Smoking

It's for this reason that many countries across the world, including the U.K., recommend that smokers convert to instead using a vapor pipe for their health. It is recommended both as a safer alternative as well as a viable way to quit nicotine altogether. While vape oil often contains nicotine, which is the highly addictive, toxic substance that makes smoking so addictive, you can choose a controlled amount of nicotine which enables users to reduce that amount in their system over time. This ultimately makes vaping an accessible way of helping smokers to quit as well as offering them a healthier way of consuming nicotine.

Advantages of Using Vapor Pipes and E-Cigs

e-cigs and vape pipes are said by some users to reduce tobacco cravings over time
Another way that vaping can be helpful is that it can allow smokers to get a nicotine fix from other flavors, reducing the need for the tobacco taste over time. Choosing flavors and getting involved in the process of vaping can offer a more enjoyable alternative to smoking as well. The process and ritual around consuming nicotine changes, making it easier to give up the old habit. Vaping pleasant tasting and smelling nicotine is also a bonus for those who care about having smelly breath, yellow teeth and a generally unpleasant smelling aura that follows them. The ability to smoke indoors or in different locations and not risk passing on second hand smoke is also a bonus for many.

UPDATE: A Cautious Word About Using a Tobacco Grinder

A lot of smoking aficionados would caution against using a tobacco grinder to get a finer cut. That’s because tobacco is typically cut to the optimum width prior to packaging for sale. Using a tobacco grinder at that point isn’t just overkill…it could make a rolled cigarette harder to smoke. The tightly packed ground tobacco can hinder a decent drag. On the other hand, depending on how finely you’ve ground the tobacco, it could end up falling out the ends of the cigarette which often results in dropped cherries. If you’re buying a tobacco brand that doesn’t pre-cut the product or serves up strips with too much girth, using even the best herb grinder as a tobacco grinder will still likely turn up some disappointing results. That’s because most herbal grinders will cut the tobacco’s width and length whereas you want to be more focused on simply cutting the width. That being said, I’ve met a handful of smokers who swear that a weed grinder can easily double as an effective tobacco grinder so you just need to go with whatever works for you. At the end of the day, nicotine is an unhealthy and even deadly substance but if you are a smoker and looking for a safer alternative or help quitting, then vaping may be right for you. There is no tar, no smoke, no harmful chemicals (other than nicotine), and no ash or carcinogens ingested through the use of a vapor pipe, making it a much safer alternative to smoking.

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