Why Many People Choose Smell Proof Bags Over Glass Containers

Why Many People Choose Smell Proof Bags Over Glass Containers | Marijuana Packaging

Chances are that you’ve tried every type of marijuana container to store and transport your bud, from the sandwich bag to the pop top bottle. Odor resistance is a huge factor to consider when choosing the right container, especially in matters of transportation in public settings. No container type is better suited for mobile inconspicuousness than smell proof bags, though this has often been argued across smoke circles. Lovers of glass jars often ask the question, “Do smell proof bags work for real?”

The Importance of Masking Scent

While the smell of your cannabis is usually a source of pleasure, giving you a preview of the terpenes that will flavor the taste of your weed, it can also be a major issue… especially if you are traveling. I remember once getting in a cab, my pocket holding a sandwich bag filled with weed, and immediately noticing the driver staring holes into my head. If you plan to ever have guests and especially children in the house, you're looking at an even more awkward (if not catastrophic) situation. If you have children in the house, it's wisest to keep your stash in a child proof spot such as a safe. While hiding your stash in a drawer or closet may seem like a good idea, it is not a childproof solution. Plus, that smell can get into everything, making you a walking marijuana ad, or, at best, perfuming you with the 'scent of skunk.' At the end of the day, the smell of marijuana, delicious as it may be to many of us, definitely presents a problem.

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Odor Resistant Solutions That Fall Short

The main issue is that the sandwich bags lots of people use to hold their stash are not air proof. This results in the smell getting out and air getting in to dry out your herb. One solution for how to smell proof a bag like this is to double bag. If you place your bag of cannabis into another bag, it can dull down the effect of the smell, although not completely remove or seal it off. You can try to place loose black tea leaves or lavender in the surrounding bag to dull down the smell. A fabric softener tissue can be used in the same way, although it’s hard not to cringe at the thought of the smell and taste that would leak into the bud. There are always the airtight glass jars, which are really the most effective solution, so long as they are kept in a cool, dark place within your home. The problem with this, of course, is that they aren’t a very travel friendly or discreet way to store your bud. The glass is easily cracked and awkwardly sized for travel purposes. Plus, the clear ones definitely aren’t helping you keep things discreet.

Why Smell Proof Bags Are the Best Option

Smell proof bags are the most effective solution to the problem of disguising a powerful marijuana smell. People often ask us (or the Internet gods, in general) “Are dispensary bags smell proof?” The answer is that some are and some aren’t, but the general shift is toward smell proof storage bags made from mylar. Mylar, unlike sandwich baggies, is an incredibly airtight material that’s particularly adept at concealing the aromas of all kinds of cannabis products. Plus, all of our mylar smell proof bags are resealable, many are child resistant, and some are even tamper evident!

Many dispensaries and marijuana retailers use odor resistant containers and smell proof bags for packaging marijuana products. Lately, it’s been increasingly common to use mylar bags as exit bags - something required in various ways in various states. This is a handy way to allow people to discreetly transport their purchases without drawing attention to themselves. Smell proof mylar bags have now become a popular retail item, both online and in dispensaries, for those who need to know how to stop weed smelling in a bag. Many odor resistant bags come in dark colors, as well, protecting the quality of your herb and keeping it out of sight, out of smell-range, and out of mind. There are a variety of smell proof bags available today that come in different sizes and different levels of cushioning and durability. The best thing to do is to evaluate how you will be using the bags (as in what kind of products you’d put into them) and choose the best kind for you.

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