Why Your Dispensary Would Benefit from a Marijuana Subscription Box

Why Your Dispensary Would Benefit from a Marijuana Subscription Box
Why Your Dispensary Would Benefit from a Marijuana Subscription Box Who doesn't like presents? Everyone can appreciate the excitement of ripping open a package with glee and anticipation for what might be inside. This is the principal behind the marijuana subscription box. A special package arrives once a month with goodies inside, specially chosen as that month's themed product. In essence, you’re paying for the products but the excitement is the same nonetheless since someone else has chosen your gifts. Add in some limited addition, hard to find, or celebrity recommended products and the urgency to sign up and receive your marijuana subscription box increases. For this reason, the subscription becomes addictive.

Parallels to the High of Gambling

addictive qualities of subscription boxes equated to gambling
According to, University of Tasmania marketing lecturer Dr. Louise Grimmer says the high of a subscription box is similar to that attained through gambling. “If you keep giving subjects the same reinforcements all the time and they’re always certain there’s going to be a reward, people tend to lose interest quickly,” she explained. “But when you’re gambling, you’re never sure when or if you’re going to get that reward and the same goes for subscription boxes. There’s uncertainty about what’s inside them, like gambling. The rush of dopamine you get when you open a box is like what you get when you gamble, or when you get a like on social media.”

Why Are Marijuana Subscription Boxes So Popular?

The marijuana subscription box is an exciting addition to any dispensary. It can be a great way to share samples of new products and get regular monthly customers excited about your dispensary and its products. It creates strong customer relationships that are rooted in the shared excitement over dispensary products; an excitement that can be sustained over a long-term period. They are a benefit to both customers and dispensaries and this is why their popularity only continues to increase. With the legalization of marijuana spreading across the country, especially in states like California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, new ways to connect to the community are a definite benefit for any dispensary.

What’s Inside the Best Boxes?

cannabis subscription boxes contain everything from pipes to edibles
A good marijuana subscription box contains all kinds of goodies such as edibles, pipes, joint accessories, lighters and other marijuana supplies. They can start as low as a dollar a month for lighters, papers and other low cost accessories and go up to $100 a month for high end luxury boxes containing oils, creams and high end marijuana infused chocolates. Subscription boxes will always give you products worth more than what you are spending and this is another enticing aspect of the package. Herb, concentrates, oils and candy. These are all exciting products that come in subscription boxes. There is a vast range of options for marijuana subscription boxes online with something for every kind of user and every budget. While it's exciting to order products online, it can be of equal value to order from your favorite dispensary directly. Either way, subscription boxes are an exciting new way to engage with marijuana products. A mystery box of goodies is everyone's friend and a thrilling way to sample all the new products that are being released.

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