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Women in Cannabis

Women in Cannabis

Although the world of cannabis may seem like a boys club, women are no strangers to marijuana and have been utilizing the substance for eons. As the budding industry continues to take shape across the world, the roles of women in cannabis continue to evolve. Consequently, women have begun taking up leadership roles and starting cannabis brands.

This article unveils the evolving role of women in weed to help stakeholders in the industry understand why female representation and participation remain essential to the field. 

The History of Cannabis and Women

Women have long been part and parcel of the weed industry. Dating as far back as ancient Egypt, women have been using cannabis for various medical purposes like pain relief. 

Ancient Roots and Healing

In ancient China, women turned to cannabis for pain relief, especially during menstruation. Similarly, cannabis was also used in ancient Egypt to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety that many women faced.

The Women’s Rights Movement

The women’s rights movement greatly contributed to the prominence of women in the marijuana industry. Activists like Mary Jane Rathbun, better known as “Brownie Mary,” used cannabis-infused brownies to provide relief for AIDS patients. Her efforts not only helped destigmatize cannabis but also highlighted the importance of women in advocating for its medicinal benefits.

The Future of Women in Cannabis

With the weed sector on an upward trajectory, one of the cannabis industry trends we can expect to see is women taking up more roles in the field. The marijuana industry is excited about including more women in the space, whether as consumers or entrepreneurs.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Women have stepped up as leaders in the cannabis industry, occupying executive positions and creating innovative businesses. These trailblazers are paving the way for a more gender-balanced industry. As a result, women’s representation is expected to rise as more countries legalize cannabis.

Although the industry can be somewhat tricky for those new to weed, aspiring female business owners can utilize the guide for cannabis entrepreneurs to help them navigate. Similarly, women can provide valuable insights into how to attract the female marijuana consumer demographic using packaging for cannabis. Consequently, this diversification of leadership will lead to more inclusive policies and practices within the cannabis sector.

Advocacy and Education

Women play a crucial role in advocating for cannabis reform and promoting its benefits to a wider audience. As educators, they are instrumental in debunking myths and misinformation surrounding cannabis use. By sharing personal stories and research-backed information, women are creating a more informed and open-minded community around cannabis consumption.

Modern Women and Cannabis Consumption

The normalization of weed for women is shifting the cultural narrative and empowering them to make informed choices about their health and well-being. Apart from having hands-on roles in marijuana enterprises, women also make up a large percentage of consumers. Still, brands must understand how to market weed to women for them to make the most of this market. Therefore, understanding cannabis packaging for different audiences is crucial for all marijuana entrepreneurs.

A Focus on Wellness

Women today are more health-conscious than ever, and this extends to their choices in cannabis consumption. They seek products with specific effects such as relaxation, pain relief, or mental clarity. This focus on wellness has spurred the development of new cannabis products tailored to women’s needs. They include skincare products infused with CBD, low-dose edibles, and specialized strains for specific health concerns.

The Bottom Line

There’s no denying that women have plenty to offer the weed sector. From helping ancillary cannabis businesses market their products to educating people on the benefits of weed. They are also leading the industry’s expansion and influencing its direction. For this reason, the cannabis sector can expect to see more inclusion of women as the industry develops.

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