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Grav Labs Uses Scientific Glass Precision to Take You Higher

Grav Labs Uses Scientific Glass Precision to Take You Higher
Grav Labs Uses Scientific Glass Precision to Take You Higher Since their inception in 2004, Grav Labs have quickly risen to become a prominent name in high quality glass smoking accessories. Their secret? A combination of precision craftsmanship, scientific innovation, and affordability. Imagine that Elon Musk started designing smoking paraphernalia and you’re getting close. The Austin-based company began simply enough; promoting one product aptly called the Gravitron. If you’re unfamiliar, the Gravitron was an innovative gravity pipe that actually propelled a jet of potent smoke forth from the stem using simple science. But the Gravitron was just the beginning of something great. Today, we look at three of our favorite Grav Labs innovations…and believe me, whittling it down to three was no easy feat. But before we go into those sterling examples of scientific glass at its finest, let’s first discuss scientific glass itself.

What is Scientific Glass?

If we’re getting technical (and when speaking about scientific glass, technical is definitely a good thing), scientific glass is smoking paraphernalia that incorporates not only water but a percolator with a series of holes. Based on this definition, not every piece designed by Grav Labs is scientific glass. For example, you have Grav Labs hand pipes that don’t use water or Grav Labs bubblers that may not always have a built-in perc with multiple holes. So, let’s wander outside of the technical definition for a moment to look at pretty much any Grav Labs piece. They tend to adhere to a smart, minimalist design that instantly gives a visual reassurance of quality. But pretty much every piece would look right at home in the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein. This is just another reason the term “scientific glass” has stuck so well. Grav Labs have proven their commitment to applying scientific innovation to their designs in an effort to provide potent yet smooth smoking experiences so even when one of their products isn’t technically scientific glass, it’s still pretty damned scientific.

1. Grav Labs Improves on Their Helix Beaker

grav labs new helix beaker water pipe So, onto the products themselves. First up, we have the updated version of the Grav Labs Helix Beaker Water Pipe. The Helix line has been around in various forms for some time now but the new Helix beaker design was a vast improvement on an already impressive piece. It features a rather voluminous chamber that allows for some true juggernauts of euphoric smoke. If you’re familiar with some of the original Grav Labs Helix designs, you’ll recognize this as a welcome improvement. The “Helix” portion comes into play in the Venturi chamber which uses a trio of perc holes to create a whirling cyclone effect when you inhale. It’s more than just a cool effect obviously; it’s using diffusion to add a silkiness to that extra potent hit.

2. Classic Quality in the 16” Beaker Water Pipe

grav labs 16 inch glass beaker pipe Grav Labs are often praised for doing a lot with a little and their 16” Beaker Water Pipe is a perfect example. Towering height aside, it’s a pretty inconspicuous piece. However, on closer inspection, it’s packing the cooling aid of a showerhead perc downstem that can actually be removed for easy cleaning. It also features an ice catcher, so the huge hits you can rip off this water pipe stay chilled. Another reason that this simple, straight shooting Grav Labs Beaker Water Pipe is so popular has to do with the thickness of the borosilicate. Borosilicate is already pretty durable for glass and the added thickness in this piece contributes to a weighted sense of confidence.

3. Subzero Smoking with the Chiller Adapter for Grav Labs Stax

grav labs chiller adapter for stax If you’re not familiar with the innovative Stax line from Grav Labs, just think along the lines of an erector set with stoner utility. It basically provides a series of adapters for water pipes and dab rigs that allows you to construct your own super pipe; your smoke circle’s own personal Voltron. Some of the adapters stand out more than others. The Grav Labs Chiller Adapter has always been a personal favorite. It’s basically a glycerin pack that can be put directly in your freezer, allowing it to drop to frigid temperatures. When attached to your Stax-compatible piece (as well as a few other types of pipes and wax rigs), it filters your smoke or vapor through the frigid glycerin for some unparalleled soothing hits. An ice catcher can’t compete. These are just some of our favorite Grav Labs products but the forward-thinking company is pretty consistent with the quality. If you’re not already acquainted with the innovation of Grav Labs products, you’re in luck because the affordability-to-quality ratio is definitely skewed in your favor. High end glass pieces from Grav Labs look good, excel in functionality and won’t break the bank. Really, there’s no reason you should be denying yourself the benefits of modern science.

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