Vapor Slide Combines OG Water Pipe Feel with Healthy Vaporization

Vapor Slide Combines OG Water Pipe Feel with Healthy Vaporization
Vapor Slide Combines OG Water Pipe Feel with Healthy Vaporization For those who enjoy using water pipes for smoking marijuana, you know there can be nothing nicer than pulling in air and feeling that water bubble as a smooth hit of smoke wafts up to hit your lungs. The first few years of smoking, I exclusively used a water pipe for smoking and now I even associate the sound of the bubbling water with the relaxation that I knew would shortly follow. In more recent times, though, I started using a dry pipe and that hot, dry smoke sent me into fits of coughing. I used them for their portability and convenience. However, the toll on my throat and lungs was really evident so I alternated between the dry pipe and water pipe depending on the convenience of my location.

The Obvious Benefits of Vaping

many cannabis enthusiasts are making the switch to vaping for health reasons All this changed with the dawn of vaping however. I finally discovered a way to inhale my weed without the coughing fits. While burning weed creates nasty carcinogens that can negatively affect your health, throat and lungs, vaping it creates a vapor that is free from the toxins and renders it much smoother to consume. An even bigger plus is that is doesn't damage the quality of the weed the way smoking can. At certain high temperatures, you can damage and lose some of the compounds such as THC and the terpenes that create the flavor profile of your weed. Vaping heats the weed high enough to create a vapor but not high enough to burn it. So basically vaping is a way healthier way of smoking that also happens to improve the taste, high and medical benefits of your weed. This is reason enough for me to make it my preferred way of consuming cannabis these days although I admittedly miss the ritual and experience of smoking with my water pipe and sitting back to enjoy the high.

The Feel of a Water Pipe with the Smoothness of Vaping

But thanks to the constant evolving technology around marijuana, I no longer have to choose. The vapor slide has been one of the best products invented on the market for people like me who value both their health and their water pipe. The vapor slide is made from aluminum and rubberized plastic and uses only e-liquids and oils. This means no dry herb. It comes with a case and USB charger and has everything you need to vape on the go or with your water pipe. Yes, that's right, this handy little device actually doubles as both a vape pen and a vapor slide that fits in your water pipe so that you can still enjoy pulling your weed through water… just without the nasty harshness or chemicals created through burning the weed.

How the Vapor Slide Works

vapor slide relatively simple device turns water pipe into vaporizer
This basically means you get the convenience, discretion and portability of a vape pen that can later be used to slide in your water pipe for a nice, toxin free, water pipe session. You just place the device into the slide and pull. The technology in the device feels you pull without the use of a button. Then the vapor is drawn into the water, bubbles up and smoothly comes up for inhalation. All in all you get a powerful, tasty, healthy hit, on the go or with your favorite water pipe. With the exception of the times when I’m overtaken by sheer laziness, I’m always using my Vapor Slide as opposed to just smoking straight from my water pipe. It’s a bit of an investment, but I think I got my money’s worth out of it pretty quickly. If you’re looking for a healthier upgrade but don’t want to sacrifice that OG water pipe feel, the Vapor Slide is definitely a winning move.

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