Draft Decree 2.21.642

Moroccan Draft Decree Legalizes Cannabis

Moroccan Draft Decree Legalizes Cannabis

Draft Decree 2.21.642 was approved by Morocco’s Cabinet bringing the country closer to a legalized marijuana industry. The National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis, under the jurisdiction of Morocco’s Ministry of the Interior, was also created by recent legislation. Additionally, cannabis was reclassified as a legal substance under Moroccan law 13.21.

Draft Decree 2.21.642 will establish the composition of Morocco’s new cannabis industry. One of the provisions calls for the “inclusion of various institutions and bodies” related to the cannabis industry. In addition to the farmers that have grown cannabis for centuries, this new cannabis industry will include Morocco’s financial and government institutions.

Morocco’s illegal cannabis trade is estimated to be worth $15 billion. Legalization provided by this new draft decree is expected to provide new tax revenue for the government.

The new legislation only allows for Cannabis usage for medicinal or industrial purposes. Morocco has a decades-long worldwide reputation of producing high-quality hashish products it’s expected that the government will not be able to resist the call for eventual full legalization.

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