Marijuana Packaging Brands Pursue Sustainable Solutions To Please Customers

Marijuana Packaging Brands Pursue Sustainable Solutions To Please Customers

Marijuana and hemp packaging companies are seeking sustainable and environmentally friendly options to attract consumers searching for products promoting green alternatives.

“We can’t keep honoring this plant that comes from Mother Nature and keep filling landfills with it,” said Ian Hacket in an interview with MJBizDaily. Hacket is the chief marketing officer and head of compliance for Fumé, a vertically integrated cannabis company based in Rutherford, California.

Hackett, along with other manufacturers, is aware that most marijuana packaging products are made with single-use plastic and use a lot of throwaway bags. 

An in-depth study shows data supporting the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging. Around 73% of American consumers who care about sustainable packaging say it’s important because they are concerned about the environment’s future. 

Greener alternatives aren’t always exactly cheap for a lot of businesses, however. “It costs us more upfront, but I do think it’s going to be better for the environment,” Hackett said in the interview.

Hacket went on to mention that his company provides glass tubes and jars for marijuana products. “The idea was to design it so people could and would want to hold onto it,” Hacket mentioned to MJBiz.

It is not just the packaging industry seeking to implement more sustainable practices. Last month, the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture awarded funding for sustainable-agricultural research on two different cannabis projects

Inconsistent regulations for cannabis packaging are one of the biggest obstacles affecting companies’ efforts to go green. State and local regulations require strict packaging for marijuana products but do not mention anything about sustainable packaging. As cannabis continues to burgeon, the genuine NEED for sustainable packaging solutions blossoms in tandem. The time to make a change is now.

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