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The Best Way To Preserve Cannabis Seeds

The Best Way To Preserve Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis is a delicate plant that requires the utmost care, whether in the form of a mature plant or the early stages of the cannabis plant. Seeds are breathing, living organisms, as well. It’s just as critical to preserving seeds in the correct temperatures and spaces as for harvested plants ready for sale.

Cannabis remains a resilient plant, as are the seeds which they sprout from. They can overcome many climate changes and conditions — as you can see from hydroponics for cannabis to outdoor grows — but at the same time, these same conditions can impact the outcome of a harvest, no matter how carefully executed the process is. Ultimately, it’s imperative to ensure that there’s protection for seeds from drastic changes in temperature and climate. Humidity, for example, can damage a pack of seeds. For operators, it’s critical to understand how to store weed seeds, which can die if not taken care of properly. 

Though plenty of publications have a sheet of tips for growing weed, we’re explaining the best process for preserving the seeds. 

What Factors Are Detrimental To Cannabis Seeds?

There are four critical areas to ensure nothing harmful touches your seeds before germinating.

The first factor to look at is humidity. Areas that are too humid or don’t have enough moisture can destroy your seeds and kill them off before they can even see the soil. Secondly, the temperature where your seeds are stored can be detrimental, similar to exposure to too much light and oxygen. Cultivators must take precautions in these four areas when understanding how to keep marijuana seeds in the right conditions. Whether they’re growing weed without hydroponics or using an outdoor method, creating the perfect conditions for your weed is part of producing high-quality products with each yield.

How To Store Cannabis Seeds

As mentioned, there are four areas to consider when trying to keep your seeds in the best conditions before they germinate. However, it would be best if you first determined whether your storage methods are for short-term or long-term purposes. If the intention is the former, they can use cupboards or drawers for storage, where they are dark and cool. However, these same places must keep conditions the same throughout the day, especially if your storage space is prone to hotter days and cooler nights. Consistency is key.

If you’re looking for long-term storage solutions, consider using humidity packs and zip-lock bags or containers. Zip-Locks, predominantly black or dark ones, are excellent for blocking light. However, for those who want to keep high-quality seeds for more extended periods, then it’s best to keep them in their original packaging.

More importantly, using a fridge to store cannabis seeds can ensure that your products are in dark, cool spaces for an extended time. However, because fridge doors frequently open and close, it creates frequent changes in climate and conditions that can be harmful. Because of this, we encourage growers to use a secondary fridge. A dry fridge is ideal since it won’t produce as much excess humidity.
You’ll find that many of these practices to preserve the cannabis seed share similarities to growing cannabis indoors. It’s essential to recognize humidity, lighting, temperature, and oxygen and how they impact your cultivation.

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