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Defiant Tennessee Farmer Flips The Bird In Mugshot After Cannabis Arrest

Defiant Tennessee Farmer Flips The Bird In Mugshot After Cannabis Arrest

For Peggy Brewington, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words. Tennessee Drug Task Force officers searched her house and farm in Jackson County. Brewington told officers she had “maybe an ounce” of marijuana on her farm. The officers found approximately 20 pounds of marijuana flower and about 40 cannabis plants. A second search at a nearby residence turned up more processed cannabis and growing marijuana. For her mugshot Brewington flipped the bird —one final act of defiance.

The 15th Drug Task Force and Jackson County Sheriff’s Office had been building a case against Brewington, and on August 30 they conducted their search. Three days earlier, Brewington was arrested for trespassing.

Polling consistently shows Tennessee voters support cannabis, but the state lacks a voter initiative process. Only elected officials can change state law. Senator Janice Bowling sponsored Senate Bill 854 which would have legalized medical cannabis and developed a Medical Cannabis Commission to regulate the sale and production. In March, the Senate Government Operations Committee approved the bill, but it was rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Medical and adult-use cannabis cultivation and sales are illegal in the state. Tennessee is only one of 14 states that still does not have some type of cannabis industry or medical system in place still does. Many refer to it as an “island of prohibition.”

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