Man Indicted On Third Degree Felony Theft Over Hemp License Fraud Scheme

Man Indicted On Third Degree Felony Theft Over Hemp License Fraud Scheme

A man in Texas was indicted on theft charges after allegedly swindling investors out of tens of thousands of dollars that he said would be used to purchase hemp licenses from the state according to the affidavit provided by Patch. Travis County District Attorney José Garza has classified the indictment of Keenan Lopez Williams on a third-degree felony theft charge. The DA’s office purported that Williams misrepresented the process to obtain a hemp license and lied about spending around $77,500 provided by investors.

 As stated by the affidavit, Texas Rangers reported that Williams told investigators all the money given to him was used to pay hemp consultants, growers, and breeders for information. Although, after reviewing his bank account, Rangers discovered the funds were being used for “personal finances.” Authorities said Williams also conned potential investors by telling them he had connections to politicians and elected leaders that could result in a “pay for play” dynamic.   

Brad Weatherford, the Texas Ranger who investigated Williams, said, “I reviewed Keenan William’s Facebook public page, which has photos of Keenan Williams and a number of state and federal elected officials, thus giving credibility to Keenan Williams’ deception of providing certain services to guarantee a hemp license.”  Garza said Williams is out on surety bond after being arrested in connection to the scheme back in February this year. Williams’ case will be prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office’s Public Integrity Unit and is pending in the 460th District Court. Assistant District Attorney and Team Lead for the Public Integrity Unit, Rob Drummond, said, “The Travis County Attorney’s office continues to work with the Texas Rangers to protect the integrity of the political system in Texas.” 

He concluded, “We will hold accountable those who violate laws and threaten the integrity of our governance.” This case is a clear-cut example that crime still doesn’t pay even in the legal cannabis business.

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