Lesil-McGuireIn a recently published article from Marijuana Business Daily, Sen. Lesil McGuire of Alaska has recently proposed a bill that would allow oversight of all marijuana related businesses to be addressed by the marijuana control agency and not the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. The Senator claims that the ABC does not have the know how or the expertise to enforce marijuana regulation on a state wide level. Since the passing of Ballot Measure 2, state Legislature has the option of creating a separate board to govern rules and regulations for the marijuana industry in Alaska, but it is not a requirement. Marijuana business owners will most likely have to wait until 2016 to open their approved businesses since regulators are still creating laws and regulations regarding the industry. “We just want to see a board that is neutral with regards to marijuana, that is interested in having it succeed and composed of people of the appropriate background to make that happen,” said Bruce Schulte, the chief executive of the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation, to Marijuana Business Daily. Bruce and his group offer comprehensive insights into the law-making process surrounding marijuana in Alaska and comprises of people that support marijuana reform in the state.  
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