mexico-drug-war-marijuanaIn a recently published article from RT News, legal marijuana in the United States is having a crippling effect on the Mexican drug trade. Before the recent surge of marijuana legalization in the states, Mexican marijuana held it's place as the premiere crop being smuggled and then distributed by cartels. Now that American-made-pot is showing promise in the public's eye, not only in terms of the legality, but also product quality, speculation is rising that marijuana that was once being smuggled from Mexico to the United States, is now being smuggled from the United States to Mexico. As a 24 year old marijuana grower from northwestern mexico points out to National Public Radio, "two or three years ago, a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of marijuana was worth $60 to $90, but now they're paying us $30 to $40 a kilo. It's a big difference. If the U.S. continues to legalize pot, they'll run us into the ground." Some even speculate that legalized pot in the states may cause Mexican marijuana to be abandoned altogether as the dominant crop being distributed by cartels, which is raising the eyebrows of law enforcement. With American made cannabis oftentimes being twice as strong as Mexican grown weed, it only makes sense for cartels to begin smuggling and then dealing U.S. pot. "It makes sense," says DEA spokesman Lawrence Payne to National Public Radio. "We know the cartels are already smuggling cash into Mexico. If you can buy some really high-quality weed here, why not smuggle it south, too, and sell it at a premium?"  
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