Bud and Breakfast: The Green Equivalent of Airbnb

Bud and Breakfast: The Green Equivalent of Airbnb
bud-and-breakfast Although weed is officially legal in states like  Colorado, Washington State, and Alaska it is still illegal to those of us in states that have not come to their senses yet, and depending on what state you live in, you can still go to jail and serve time for it. Although you can legally smoke in public areas of certain states, it’s still advised and much safer, to smoke in private, disclosed areas where it’s much more likely to be accepted. Marijuana tourism is a large and a rapidly growing industry in Colorado since it’s legal in the state. Initially there were only a few hotels that accommodated marijuana smokers, but that number started to increase in the past few years. Bud and Breakfast was founded to serve the needs of this growing sector of tourism and is essentially the equivalent of Airbnb for marijuana tourism.
The Website Lists Marijuana Friendly Hotels and Bud & Breakfasts
bud_and_breakfast The website lists hotels and temporary rooms offered by homeowners that are marijuana friendly in geographic areas where weed is completely legal or legal for medicinal use. Travelers can search for accommodations by putting their travel date and location into the website, in the same way that you can for Airbnb. As an added benefit, travelers get to see any weed friendly events that are occurring in the area as well as a listing of nearby cannabis dispensaries.
The Locations Where You Can Smoke Will Vary
bud-and-breakfast Each hotel and bed and breakfast has their own rules regarding where visitors can smoke. Some will let you smoke in your room, some don’t care where you smoke, and others have a designated balcony area or other area where you can smoke. You will have to find out the rules of the places you are interested in on a case by case basis. A lot of hotels only offer certain rooms for smoking; usually no more than a fourth of their available rooms as they have to accommodate non-smoking guests as well.
You Can Use a Vaporizer or Edibles Without Worry
The smoking rules don’t apply to vaporizers or edibles. Vaporizer pens don’t have any smoke and their small odor dissipates fairly quickly, so they are usually perfectly fine to use at accommodating hotels in most non-smoking areas. And of course edibles are a great discreet option as well. Just be careful to be discreet with your vaporizer pens and use them in a ventilated area and you should be perfectly fine. So if this all sounds good and you plan on visiting Colorado anytime soon for weed tourism, be sure to visit to check out the ever growing list of weed friendly accommodations and their amenities.

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