CEO of Medical Cannabis Company Pays Hotel Bills for Tornado Victims

CEO of Medical Cannabis Company Pays Hotel Bills for Tornado Victims


CEO of Medical Cannabis Company Pays Hotel Bills for Tornado Victims

Jul 30, 2015
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CEO-of-medical-cannabis-company In an expression of true human empathy, an executive of a new medical cannabis company recently paid temporary housing bills for tornado victims in Illinois. Tim McGraw, the CEO of Revolution Enterprises (not to be confused with the country singer) offered free hotel rooms for people who were displaced as a result of a tornado that ripped through Central Illinois on Thursday, July 16th. The tornado damaged over 50 homes and reached speeds of over 120 mph. The tornado hit Delavan, Illinois which is a town of about 1,700 residents, and tore a 1 mile path directly through the town. tornado Nine of the homes in the town were declared uninhabitable after the tornado. However, residents of the small town were optimistic and said that they were determined to clean up the damage and help each other in the wake of the disaster, despite the tornado causing millions of dollars worth of damage.
The tornado was rated as an EF2
The twister was rated as an EF2, which is considered to be of moderate intensity on the scale of EF0 to EF5. Although no one was killed in the tornado, it did manage to destroy the 9 homes, and did substantial damage to the surrounding neighborhood. Revolution Enterprises, a newly developed medical cannabis company, has a modern new 75,000 square foot facility in the town which escaped damage. At the facility, cannabis is grown under lights in a carefully monitored setting. It is also environmentally controlled with high security and limited access to the interior.
The victims of the tornado were appreciative
Families that were affected by the tornado were appreciative of the generosity of McGraw. He offered displaced families whose homes had been completely destroyed, free hotel rooms in nearby Pekin, Illinois. The Red Cross also set up cots at the American Legion Hall as an alternative for other displaced victims.
Revolution Enterprises specializes in innovative medical cannabis research and production
Revolution Enterprises has previously made news for being one of the more innovative cannabinoid medicine producers in the United States, and for being the largest medical cannabis producer in Illinois. The company has two facilities in Central, Illinois located in Barry and Delevan, each measuring at 75,000 square feet. The facilities were custom made and have high tech features like an advanced analytic laboratory, sealed cultivation chambers, a compartmentalized design, as well as extraction and infusion machinery. The facilities are also staffed by leading experts in biology, plant genetics, chemistry and many other scientific disciplines, so Revolution Enterprises is also a major employer in the area. This news comes in the wake of a series of sensationalized media stories involving marijuana and the outright vilification of non-violent cannabis use in today's society. Positive stories such as these are often under reported or not reported at all, showing the implied bias that the medical cannabis industry has when it comes to it's relationship with the mainstream media.
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