Chris Christie: A Marijuana Advocate's Worst Nightmare

Chris Christie: A Marijuana Advocate's Worst Nightmare


Chris Christie: A Marijuana Advocate's Worst Nightmare

Author Bertram Joyner
Jun 09, 2015
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ChrisChristie-is-a-horrible-fat-ass In another low-blow from 2016 Presidential hopeful, Chris Christie, the New Jersey Governor promised to criminalize recreational marijuana in all 50 states, if given the opportunity to be President. (Let's let that sink in for a moment) This past Sunday, Christie shared his thwarted views on marijuana with host John Dickerson of CBS' "Face the Nation", and when asked point blank questions about what his immediate actions would be as president concerning marijuana, these were his responses.
The Interview with "Face the Nation" (Courtesy of CBS) 
Dickerson: "If you were president would you return the federal prosecutions in the states of Colorado, Washington states?  Christie: "Yes" Dickerson: "So, if somebody's enjoying that now in their state, if you're president, that's getting turned off?" Christie: "Correct"
Christie Claims Marijuana Hinders Quality of Life
This is definitely not the first time that Christie has vowed to end the newly established marijuana industry in states such as Colorado and Washington. Back in April of last year, Christie ripped Coloradans, stating that their quality life has been hindered due to marijuana legalization, despite allowing qualified minors to use it in his own state for medical reasons.
Chris Christie Is Out of Touch With the Majority 
Christie's responses are out of touch with the American people. In a recent survey from a sample size of 1,500 Americans, 53% favor marijuana legalization, while 44% are opposed. Especially in recent years, there has been a major shift in how the public views marijuana. With new independent studies showing marijuana's effectiveness as a suitable medical alternative it's hard to deny it's intrinsic value any longer. Millennials have been on the front line in support of marijuana, backing it by 69%. (Pew Research Center)
Christie "Hates" Addicts, But Is a Known Addict Himself
chris-christie-the-hypocrite Christie stated in April of last month on the Hugh Hewitt Show, that "we (Americans) have an enormous addiction problem in this country and we need to send very clear leadership from the White House on down to federal law enforcement". Christie could have chosen his words more carefully, especially when speaking of "enormous addictions." christy-kremes Numerous news sources reported last month, that Christie had racked up over $82,000 in tax payer money, to to support his food addiction at football games. According to New York Mag, Christie spent $82,594 on just concessions in the 2010-2011 NFL season, which is an average of $1,500 on food and drinks every time he attended a Jets Football game.
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