CNBC's "Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom" Set to Premiere January 5

marijuana-in-colorado-generic-16-by-9 Since passing one of the most liberal marijuana laws in the world, CNBC's Harry Smith is returning to Colorado to document the rise of the marijuana industry and it's unprecedented results since legalization. In a new series named, "Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom",  set to premiere January 5, 2015, Smith will profile one of the most successful marijuana business owners in Denver, as he expands his operation to other states that have followed Colorado's lead. Smith and CNBC plan on leaving "no stoner unturned" as they show viewers the world of cannabis-infused edibles as well the controversy surrounding the dosing, portion and packaging requirements of the industry in Colorado. CNBC cameras will also follow a U.S. Army veteran who profits from marijuana sales on the black market by funneling marijuana across state lines despite the new law. Other issues examined in the original documentary series will include the consequences of marijuana in the workplace, parents that have moved to Colorado to help their children deal with life threatening illness, as well as confronting the unintended business consequences of legalization with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.  
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Bess Clarkson - December 7, 2018

CNBC predicted this years ago….

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