CNN's "High Profits" Follows Colorado's Breckenridge Cannabis Club

CNN's "High Profits" Follows Colorado's Breckenridge Cannabis Club
cannabis-club In a state that seems to have more marijuana stores than coffee shops, Colorado's Breckenridge Cannabis Club is in the spotlight of a new CNN world premiere, showcasing the rise of America's social experiment, known as the legalized marijuana industry. high-profits "High Profits" set to premiere this Sunday on CNN (4/19/15), will showcase the experiences of Caitlin McGuire and Brian Rogers as they maneuver business strategy in an industry with some of the highest risks as well as the highest rewards. The ganjaprenuers will detail their story from marijuana cultivation to cash piles, as well as the everyday challenges of building their franchise from the ground up. All eyes will be on the cannabis club, which, since September of 2013, has teamed up with Marijuana Packaging in providing high quality child resistant packaging and other dispensary products for their marijuana products in one of the strictest and most regulated industries around. The Legal Marijuana Market high-profits With legalized marijuana topping $700 million in estimated sales last year, it's hard not to have your eye on Colorado. The dollars being gained from both recreational and medical avenues are having profound effects on the state's economy. According to the latest annual statistics, total marijuana tax revenues are expected to reach an estimated $94 million by 2016, which projects marijuana reaching an eventual $1 billion in estimated retail sales by 2016. What this means is that Colorado will have more money to fund items such as infrastructure, schools, research, and drug prevention programs. Taken from preview clips that have been showing for the past year, it appears as though the show will have ample doses of real world perspective to keep viewers engaged on all levels. From first hand insights into town council meetings regarding marijuana policies in the state, to convincing Grandma that the duo are not stereotypical drug dealers, the show seems to have a taste for all viewers to enjoy. high-profits As Caitlyn McGuire so eloquently stated to CNN, "we want to show people that it's not just a bunch of stoners selling pot over the counter. It's business-minded people -- hardworking Americans -- who are just like any other business and trying to make their dream work." Only time will tell if the series becomes successful from a mainstream perspective, but for now, it looks like a "big hit".

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