Edible Marijuana Builds in Popularity as Therapy for Pets

Edible Marijuana Builds in Popularity as Therapy for Pets
is-edible-marijuana-the-future-of-pet-treatment A few short years ago, edible marijuana treats for your dog would seem absurd or maybe even cruel. But as knowledge grows and prohibition of cannabis continues to be lifted at the state level, popular opinion toward marijuana use seems more relaxed than it’s been in decades. Trends indicate that people are warming to the idea of using edible marijuana to ease pain, suffering, and anxiety in their pets.

UPDATE: The Difference Between THC and CBD for Pets

We wanted to make it very clear that THC can be hazardous to pets, hence the focus on CBD in edible marijuana pet treats. As California veterinarian Dr. Gary Richter explained to Green State, “[In pets]… an overdose of cannabis can lead to loss of balance, loss of appetite and sometimes collapse. In rare cases, an overdose of cannabis can be fatal.” If administered at a proper dosage, CBD pet treats have been shown to effectively treat a diverse array of common pet issues including anxiety (including noise-based fear such as that elicited by fireworks), arthritic pain and seizures. CBD restrictions have tightened since we initially published this blog post but you can find CBD-based edible marijuana treats in reputable pet supply shops in most legal states.

How Edible Marijuana Works in Pets

Marijuana-based treats for pets hone in on the common problem of separation anxiety as a major selling point. Just as humans feature a complex endocannabinoid system, so do dogs and cats. This allows cannabinoids within the edible marijuana treats to bond with receptors in the pet’s cannabinoid system, facilitating the desired calming effect. das3 Auntie Dolores is well known in the San Francisco area for manufacturing gourmet edible marijuana treats. They’ve branched off into edibles for pets with the popular biscuits called Treat-ibles. Representatives of Auntie Dolores state that Treat-ibles are free from THC meaning while pets may reap the medical benefits, they won’t get stoned. Treat-ibles are one of few edible marijuana pet treats on the market. While other dog snacks contain ingredients meant to calm the effects of anxiety, Dianne Krenzer, manager of Berkeley pet store The Holistic Hound, finds Treat-ibles to get a largely positive response from consumers. She claims the presence of cannabinoids in Treat-ibles is the likely source of the cannabis-based biscuits’ success rate.

Pet Ailments Treated by Edible Marijuana

Anxiety isn’t the only pet ailment being treated with edible cannabis snacks like Treat-ibles. Reports indicate that cannabinoids have helped treat pets prone to epileptic fits. Arthritis exemplifies another common pet ailment popularly treated with edible marijuana. In several cases, pet owners claim that, upon their pets eating a cannabinoid-infused biscuit, the elderly dogs were acting like puppies, betraying none of the signs of their arthritis. In one severe case, a woman on the verge of having her sick pet euthanized gave her dog Treat-ibles the day before the procedure. The next day, she cancelled with her vet as the edible seemed to have reverted the dog back to his normal, comfortable state. Pet edibles have also been used as a nausea suppressant, often during travel. Owners have even used edible marijuana as a means to provoke their pets’ waning appetites. funny-dog-133525409986_xlarge

Edibles Still Lack Scientific Study

While many have spoken in favor of Treat-ibles and edible marijuana pet treats of the like, the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) treatment in pets has garnered little study from the scientific community. There are various factors that impact the legality of CBD on both state and federal levels and the compound still lacks scientific analysis. However, that hasn’t slowed owners desperate to relieve their arthritic and anxiety-stricken pets. Feedback for CBD-infused treats remains overwhelmingly positive. Experts caution that such snacks not be administered to pets without consulting a veterinarian, despite the non-psychoactive nature of the product. Some pet owners go one step further, recommending that those on the fence about treating their pets with edible marijuana snacks consult a vet in legal states like Colorado and Washington. But keep in mind that vets in certain legal states, such as California, risk losing their licenses if they are caught recommending CBD treatments. However, states that have instituted some form of marijuana legalization may present vets more well-versed in the effects of edible marijuana on animals.

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