free cannabis Offering free products in order to engage potential customers is a tactic that most businesses employ on a regular basis, especially this time of year. Marijuana businesses in Vancouver are no different,  as shown by business cards that have been showing up on windshields of would be marijuana patients offering "free premium cannabis". According to reports, the "free pot" being offered by the medical marijuana dispensary on south Granville Street in Vancouver, Canada is being used as a marketing gimmick for qualified medical marijuana patients. Owner Darcy Delainey defends the marketing campaign pointing out that only patients 19 or older, who have a valid doctor's recommendation or prescription, can have access to the free cannabis. On top of the age and doctor's note requirements, patients must also spend at least $30 or more, in order to receive the free gram's worth of cannabis. So far, there have been no complaints from the public or city officials about the business cards, which have been distributed at mall parking lots in the surrounding area. "Our position on the business cards is that nothing criminal is being committed simply by handing them out to the public at large," said Acting Cpl. Dennis Hwang in a statement to CBC News. "We surmise that the business cards are being used to channel new medicinal cannabis clientele towards this dispensary. We hope that the dispensary has been properly licensed by Health Canada and that its clientele are legitimate medical patients with the appropriate paperwork."
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