organic marijuana Even though GMOs must be labeled within Europe due to the potentiality of harm to the human body, the American Food and Drug Administration continues, to this day, not to require distinct labeling between GMOs and non-GMOs within U.S. borders. For those unaware, GMOs, better known as genetically modified organisms, first began being commercialized in the 1970's, most notably by the corporate giant Monsanto, and are defined as organisms whose genetic make-up has been changed using genetic engineering technology. Although GMO producers like Monsanto claim that these products are safe for human consumption, a great number of experts and research done on animals have suggested otherwise. Some of the most known reasons to avoid GMOs include health risks of allergens due to pesticides, risk of certain cancers, patent issues, their negative environmental impact, and the revolving door syndrome between the FDA and high ranking officials within top GMO corporations. According to a recent survey conducted by Oklahoma State University , Americans are beginning to take notice of GMO manipulation and are asking the government for mandatory labels on foods that have been produced with genetic engineering. What makes this study interesting is how Americans are actually more concerned about GMOs than they are regarding the sale of marijuana. While less than half (47%) of Americans support the ban on the sale of marijuana, more than 80% of Americans support mandatory country-of-origin labeling and testing of GMOs.Even more surprising is the stat showing that 59% of Americans support the ban of unpasteurized milk of all things, which also, was a greater concern than marijuana, along with calorie limits on school lunches. Even though a black market of milk fiends needing their fix of unpasteurized milk seems highly unlikely, this new survey shows that Americans are starting to embrace factual information, rather than mainstream propaganda, especially in regards to the food and marijuana that they consume.  
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