good-to-know-marijuana education Rather than demonizing marijuana, like so many anti-drug campaigns have done in the past, Colorado is taking an open-minded approach to educating residents and tourists alike, on how to use marijuana responsibly. According to reports, state health officials in Colorado announced a $5.7 million campaign called "Good to Know", which is expected to hit airwaves, newspapers, and the internet this month, nearly a year after legalized sales of recreational marijuana began in the state. Funded by sales taxes on recreational cannabis, this new campaign is taking a more positive approach to educating the public about marijuana use in Colorado. Dr. Larry Wolk, Colorado's chief medical officer and director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, described the new campaign as "bright and neighborly", compared to last year's campaign which featured giant rat cages in an effort to detour usage among teens. "Good to Know" appears to be the first comprehensive and responsible effort out of any state to educate consumers about marijuana use and the regulations since legalization.One ad shows a picture of Colorado state, emphasizing that it's still illegal to cross state lines with marijuana. Another ad details that driving your car after smoking pot is prohibited, but walking, hopping, and skipping are allowed. ratcage Last year's "Don't Be a Lab Rat" campaign effort, included life sized rat cages placed in downtown Denver, which were targeted with graffiti and received ill sentiment from advocates not agreeing with the anti-drug scare tactics. In comparison, "Good to Know" promotes responsible and moderate use, instead of using fear as the main mechanism for deterrence. As Rep. Jonathan Singer, so eloquently stated to Fox News, "we need to start treating marijuana like the drug that it is, not the drug some fear it to be."      
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