High Times Cannabis Cup Gears Up For Southern California

High Times Cannabis Cup Gears Up For Southern California
Southern-California-High-Times-Cannabis-Cup With over 20,000 marijuana enthusiasts expected to attend the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino this weekend, it's no wonder why businesses and connoisseurs alike consider the event a "marijuana mecca" for the industry. This much anticipated event will be the first one of the year for High Times, and is expected to draw at least 400 vendors ranging from marijuana dispensaries to cannabis cultivators, all prepared to showcase their very best buds, dabs/concentrates, edibles, and smoking accessories. "It's a big name (High Times) that brings the most attention. It usually brings in the largest crowd", said one 44-year old medical marijuana user, awaiting the event. Like Cannabis Cup's of the past, attendees of the event can expect the industry's most well-renowned writers, journalists, activists, business owners and growers to be offering their in depth analysis and tips for success in the marijuana market. Event goers can also expect guest musical performances from Rick Ross and Cypress Hill's B-Real. This Cannabis Cup will be one of six domestic competitions occurring throughout the year, that will determine the very best American contestants, who will then be announced at the final Cannabis Cup, expected in Amsterdam this November. In case you plan on attending the event taking place February 7-8 at the San Bernardino National Orange Show Events Center, be sure to check out ticket prices and event itinerary here, before it's too late!

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